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Productivity Software

Productivity software is an application software that uses tools to produce information such as writing documents, managing spreadsheets and creating graphics. There is a broad range of uses for some of these tools but a few are more specialized.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a very familiar software program that is used worldwide in most school systems. Microsoft Word is a straight forward program. When picking which productivity software to use, depending on what you may need it for, Microsoft Word is a good starting point. Students can write documents add pictures, videos, graphs and charts to bring their work alive and make it their own. Microsoft Word makes combines computer skills that is simple to use and learn and encourages students to create unique work. Microsoft Word goes beyond a blank document to write text, with all of the applications that have been added throughout the updates of Word there are endless possibilities to what a student can create. While there are many reasons why Microsoft Word is helpful, as a teacher I believe it is especially useful in a classroom. When I am working In my classroom, it will be accommodating to students because it highlights the arrangement, editing and formatting of a text document. I personally plan to use Word Processing in my work to create homework assignments, quizzes and handouts. I will encourage my students to also use word processing when they are creating essays, journal entries and research projects.

Google Docs

Google docs is similar to word but has some features that word lacks. Google Docs is an application that is connected to an email address. This makes it easier to share and access documents that are saved to your personal email address. In my class this would be helpful if a student forgot their assignment or their printer or computer was having problems and they were unable to access it at home. At school they would be able to log into their email and retrieve their work from the google docs drive.

Professional development

the term professional development when used In education, is alluding to a large variety of specialized training, formal education, or advanced professional learning. it supports teachers, and other educators improve their professional knowledge, competence and skill so that they can exceed their expectations as an educator.

Education World

This website education world offers all of the resources a teacher may need to grow professionally. It includes a variety of different sections, each one full of PDFs, books, articles and more. It is also a free resource for all teachers to access lesson plans, worksheets and thousands of over classroom resources. This website will be extremely helpful in my classroom when I am researching new lessons to teach.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education provides high quality, dynamic, digital content to teachers administrators, students or even parents. Discovery Education is available to all school districts whether they are big or small suburban or rural. It impacts the way an educator teaches a classroom that will reach children on a higher level. All classrooms and educators should use Discovery Education. I would find this helpful in my classroom because it will inspire my students with curiosity in learning.

Student Games

student games allow children to become more involved and engaged in their learning. Educational games can benefit the student, teacher and parents. When a child is more enthusiastic about learning, they are more likely to succeed in school.It also gives children a better understanding of a new concept.


Super teacher tools is an online website that has numerous games and activities for a classroom. Jeopardy is the most common game used on this site. This tool allows to create a custom jeopardy review game for use in classrooms, training sessions, or anywhere else a fun. Before a test or quiz you can team the kids up to help them review before while also making it fun. Super teacher tools make it easy and fast for teachers to insert their own pictures, symbols, and even drawings into the review games!


BrainPOP is an excellent website used in class and that can also be used on mobile devices or at home. This tool includes educational interactive games, animated movies and activities. It also offers applications for BrainPOP jr users between the ages of kindergarten to third grade as well as BrainPOP for elementary and middle school students. There is also a section "BrainPOP ESL" which is dedicated to teach children all over the world how to read, write and speak english. BrainPOP helps reinforce information while entertaining students.

Classroom Management

Classroom Management is important for every educator. TEachers are very busy but their main job is to make sure the classroom is running how it should be. without a well managed classroom,learning cannot take place.


Socrative is a classroom app that helps teachers manage fun and effective lessons. Socrative helps teachers create quizzes or tests that students can take quickly on laptops, classroom tablet computers or their own smartphones. It allows teachers to quickly connect with their students while they are learning. Activities can be created by teachers for lessons or during a classroom discussion. In my classroom this would be used to create numerous styles of quizzes including true/false, multiple choice or the option to write in a students own answer. There are also games that I would have the children participate in for studying or review, including "Space race" that allows the students to compete against each other while taking a quiz or practice quiz.


ClassDojo is an easy and effective way to encourage student's learning. It creates a positive culture for students so the teacher can acknowledge a students hard work, progress or even being kind to classmates. With this type of support system, it makes a classroom a more safe and comfortable place for children to learn. It also gives parents a chance to follow and read updates on what the kids are learning about in class. They can access classroom photos and videos to see the activities their children are participating in. When I am a educator I will want this application in my classroom because it is a positive addition to teaching. I would also use this to give my students a chance to have their own voice. ClassDojo gives students a chance to have a little independence by allowing them to create their own class portfolio of pictures and videos for themselves.

Drill-and-Practice Software

Drills provide reinforcement of lessons to students that requires fluency such as foreign language, vocabulary, math skills and more.It is useful to learn information and makes it easier to obtain information when needed.


Quizlet is an online learning tool that can be accessed through mobile devices through an app or on a computer. it provides flashcards, games and practice quizes to help students study. With Quizlet learn you can now create a study set and program when you need to know the material by. Quizlet Learn will kickstart your studying with an adaptive plan that charts your progress. It helps you stay motivated with encouraging checkpoints, and keeps the student on track with study reminders. I plan on encouraging my students to use this because it allows them to study at their own pace and strengthens their learning abilities and not just concepts they have already learned.


With Funbrain teachers encourage students to use Funbrain during their free time in class or during a study hall, assured that kids will enjoy an educational, safe online learning experience. As a teacher I would like this website for my students because I know the students will be having fun while still learning. Most activities on here are drill-and-practice format. Funbrain's games help students build on what they have already been taught in class and learn new skills in reading, math, and problem solving.

Illustration Programs

Illustration programs and downloadable softwares are important for children's growth. Allowing children to express themselves through art and creating new designs helps develop their CREATIVity.


KidPix is a trusted software that has been around for over 20 years. It originally started off as just a drawing program for children to create pictures but over the years it has changed immensely. The creators of Kidpix have had the help from teachers and parents in order to create a more valued and educational art program for kids. There hundreds of things you can do on KidPix but the one I would encourage my students to use is the story book. You can create your own coloring book and essentially make your own comic book.

Tux paint

Tux Paint is a free drawing program for children of all ages from 3 years of age to middle school. Because the software is free unlike Kidpix or other drawing programs, schools don't have to wait for budget to download the application. Tux Paint is used and trusted in schools around the word. In my classroom I would have this software installed on the classroom computers so my students have full access to a computer literacy drawing program. It is easy to use and set up. Children are able to explore their creative minds while following a cartoon mascot around the program and listening to fun sound effects.

Text-to-Speech Programs

Many children struggle with speech and PRONUNCIATION, especially children with special needs or learning DISABILITIES. It can often be difficult to communicate with children with special needs. The text to speech programs is ideal for teachers or parents who need a second alternative to teach and communicate with these students.

Nova Chat

Nova Chat is a communication system that provides text to speech communication. The Nova Chat speech generators are for children and adults with complex communication needs including autism, cerebral palsy, ALS, stroke, aphasia, down syndrome and other diagnoses. Personal communication is an important part of human interaction. When I am a teacher I would want any child with a speech disability to be able to communicate with teachers and even other students which would allow them to be more social.


Wegowrite is type to talk device that has advanced word prediction making communication faster and easier than ever before. There is even a wireless attachable speaker for environments that are too loud, for example a crowded playground. Children will still be able to talk and express themselves no matter where they are.


simulations have the potential to engage students in a deeper understanding of learning, that empowers understanding as opposed to surface learning that requires only memorization. Simulations actively engage students. A simulation is a replica of an event or idea that is manipulated by the teacher.

PhET Interactive Simulations

PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder provides fun math and science simulations for free. It engages students into an interactive game that allows them to learn through exploring and discovery. This would be useful in a classroom of older kids who are more familiar and comfortable with virtual communication.


Gizmos are interactive science and math simulations created for students from grades 3-12. Gizmos allows students to work on their own time so they become more comfortable with material. With over 400 math and science gizmos there is a ton of possibilities. It also connects with a students and their own unique learning styles. In a classroom this would be helpful because not all students learn the same way and this simulations program bends to every students personal needs so they can exceed.

Individual Education Plans

Individual education plans offer students with learning DISABILITIES a fair chance at performing academically to the best of their abilities. Teachers, parents and students create the education plan in order to fit a particular disability.

Read 180

Read 180 is a blended learning program designed to aid each student with their reading disability. It unlocks the science behind the human brain and how we learn to read. It is designed for students who read at least two years below their grade level. It helps kids learn to work individually and with a classroom. I plan to us this tool in my classroom in order to help students with reading disabilities make strong connections within their classroom.


This software offers students reading and math lessons that give the student individual attention. The IEP, is a document that is developed for any public school child who needs special education. It is created through a team effort, reviewed periodically. As a student who had an IEP throughout Highschool, I can personally say Mangomon would be helpful to me and many other struggling students because it creates a specialized plan.

Presentation Software

Presentation software is often used to accompany a speech or presentation. It is a sequence stung together by PICTURES, audio, video and text. a presentation software makes presentations more interesting, and easier to follow along. it also helps engage your audience/ students.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint is very commonly used in schools around the world. It is an easy program to navigate. Powerpoint is made up of different pages or "slides" that when linked together create a slideshow presentation. You can add graphics, audio, video or notes on each slide while presenting. The use of powerpoint saves a lot of people time and money when they need to create a quick but sophisticated presentation. I will use Microsoft powerpoint in my classroom because I have found in my own classes, it is easier to be engaged in a lesson. For different learning styles, its accommodates both visual and audio learners.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is the presentation software that I am currently using. Normally, I would use Microsoft Powerpoint to create a project such as this but I have found that Adobe Spark creates a more appealing and easy to follow presentation than other softwares. Adobe Sparks tools are easy to use and there are many themes and designs to create your own style of presentation. I have only used this website for presentations but it can also be used for social media. The wide variety of themes and animations will help any student bring their creative work to life.

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