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When Adriana Frederick Sutton first began her career she was highly interested in human psychology. It wasn't until she was taking a six month course for Bilingual Executive Secretary in Colombia after high school that she learned about journalism. Adriana found her love for understanding society through a different lens and studied Communications and Journalism. Adriana moved to the U.S. and validated her career in California. Adriana has now dedicated more sixteens years to news media from radio, print, to broadcast. Adriana is currently a reporter and anchor for Univision 67 in Monterey, California.

Moving to the United States, required sacrifice says Adriana. She remembers her first steps into her career in Chico and Sacramento, California. Adriana would drive about two hours on weekends from Redding to Chico to work on radio news. In Sacremento, she worked in print media, "creaba historias del momento, especialmente en la capital del estado, que habia protestas y en eventos que siempre occurian, tomaba fotos y escribia estas historias" ( I would create stories taking place in the capitol, whether it was about a protest or current events. I would take pictures and incorporate them to my story line).

Adriana Federick Sutton, Univision 67 Studio

One the challenges faced in her career was defying beauty standards in Colombia. For Adriana, the idea of working in communications a an anchor or reporter meant competing against the stereotype of females on television, she says . Moreover, "there is a perception that woman in television should follow beauty standards as those in pageants, with body measurements of 90' 60' 90'. The challenge was to demonstrate that one has the caliber to tell stories in a humane way. I had to prove myself and others that " I had to demonstrate la madera (the wood), or strength, of what I could do. Adriana says, "there will always be challenges, but knocking on doors will open for more opportunities". As Adriana remembers, she explains that her career required sacrifice and it was not quick and easy, nada es facil, ni gratis.

Adriana's approach to storytelling follows the theme of social justice. She has been passionate for telling stories that focus on civil rights and "cops and robbers" angles. Algo que me gusta de contar historias es proveer las diferentes perspectivas ya sea de los civilies y las otras versiones, (I like to explore the different perspectives of the people I interview), says Adriana. For example, the experiences of farm workers are valuable as they hold a voice for an many local communities, many who had professional careers in the home country, explains Adriana. A story that struck her was interviewing a grandfather after the death of his eight-year-old grandson in Salinas, California. I felt great empathy seeing the grandfather cry before my eyes.

Adriana recommends aspiring journalism and communication students to not give up and not think of a news media job as a simple 8am-5pm shift. She says one cannot simply a career to shift as news is always involving especially with new form of communicating via social media.

Thank you for learning about a community activist and journalist that goes beyond expectations. -Kristen Ruiz, Mass Communications and Journalism Student, April 6, 2017

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