Asia Trevor, Derrick, nicholas


Political • Vietnam was continually pressured by China to be a part of China • 111 B.C. Conquered by China • the Vietnamese were despised by the Chinese cause they would not accept the Chinese culture, but eventually overthrew China • rituals of the Chinese were accepted and the Vietnamese became a mirror of the Chinese government

Economic • based on agriculture and there was very little trade

Academic • writing was not common but buddhism was practiced along with hinduism.


Political • they were located along the Salween and Irrawaddy rivers • there military was mainly for defense • in the 11th century Burma became the state of pagan until it was conquered within 100 years of its beginning

Economic • they were very good with sea trade • was a trade stop

Academic • this was a buddhist learning ground



- Organized loosely into clans.

- Divided empire ruled by Khans many sons.

- The Mongols adapted to the Chinese political system and made use of Chinese bureaucrats.


- Brought much of the Eurasian landmass to their control creating the largest land empire in history.

- Culturally, they became separate from China and made their own classes and laws.

- They were stable and prosperous due to landmass and trade, along the Silk Road.

- The mongols eventually fell due to corruption and instability.


- Inventions such as gun power and the fire-lance were introduced.



- Japan is marked by power struggles between rulers and independent families.

- Emperors rule but the actual power is in the hands of the clans.

- Powerful aristocracats took control over large territories after the Onin War.


- Japan is a vast chain of many islands.

- They were a farming society.

- Trade and manufacturing were slow to develop.


- They taught military servants known as Samuri to serve and protect.

- Manufactured paper for trade.

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