Wynndale Primary School Spring Term 1: February Newsletter 2021

Welcome to the February edition of our Wynndale Newsletter, and the last one of this half term. We have decided to try a new online, more up to date format this month for our newsletter - we hope you like it!

It's safe to say it's been a busy half term for our Wynndale Learners, whether they have been learning at home or in school. We continue to be blown away by the effort, perseverance and dedication that our children and families have shown throughout the half term, and we thank you all for your continued support and commitment - you have been amazing. We are hopeful that schools may soon re-open and that we will then be able to welcome all of our children back into their classrooms. The Government have said that schools will not re-open before the 8th March, and that they will announce further plans for the re-opening of schools later this month. As soon as we have any further information, we will of course keep you updated. In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a restful half term break - you definitely all deserve it!

Best Wishes - Take care and stay safe

Mrs Rickersey

Celebrating Achievements at Wynndale

Despite this period of 'lockdown', we still continue to celebrate the achievements across school of our wonderful Wynndale Learners. Last week saw some of our Key Stage Two children rewarded for their efforts and hard work, with special Hot Chocolate Friday deliveries. I loved my virtual 'catch up' with the children, celebrating what super stars they have been this half term. Congratulations to Oliver L and Lucas O in Y3, Reuben S and Thomas E in Y4, Elissa H and Reuben S in Y5 and Isabelle S and Joe J in Y6.

It was also time for some of our Key Stage One children to be sprinkled with glitter and sparkle in our weekly Shine Assembly. Well done to Oliver C and Maisie B in Y1 and to Elizabeth S and Tillie W in Y2. We hope your glitter arrived safely in the post.

We have also had a new delivery of special postcards into school, to send to those children and families that have gone 'over and above' in their learning. I have really enjoyed writing postcards home to over 30 Wynndale Learners so far this half term, and I am sure that with all of the wonderful learning I have been hearing about and seeing on the Teams pages, I will have many more to write in the weeks to come. Keep an eye out for the postman!

Our special delivery postcards....

Our Valentine Bake Off

This week at Wynndale is our Virtual Valentine Bake Off, brilliantly organised by Mrs Nicholson. All the information you need to enter is available on your class Teams pages, with the closing date being this Friday 12th February at 2.30pm. The student council will be supporting Mrs Nicholson to judge the competition and the winners in each category will be announced at 3.30pm. I have had a look on the class pages today, and we already have a number of very yummy looking entries - so thank you to those of you who have already taken the time to post an entry. There is still time to get your entries in, and I look forward to seeing more delicious looking sweet treats. Get baking Team Wynndale!

Supporting Children's Mental Health Week @ Wynndale

Last week, our Wynndale Learners showed their support for Children's Mental Health Week, by undertaking a range of activities, either in school or at home, in support of the charity Place to Be. One of our Y5 School Council members, Poppy, has produced a wonderful article to showcase the work that was undertaken as a school. Thank you Poppy!

Introducing the Wynndale Worry Monster

The Wynndale Worry Monster

We have been working hard over the last two years to develop our pastoral offer here at Wynndale. Never more than in this current climate do we recognise the importance of children building positive relationships with trusted adults, and having good mental health and emotional well-being. We already have lots of strategies that we use to support children in school, and Mrs Taylor, our pastoral lead, has continued to work with children virtually and in school to support this agenda throughout this half term. We are always wanting to further develop and improve our offer, and have some exciting news to share with you about a new addition to our team! We wanted to give children another 'avenue' to be able to share any worries or concerns they may have about anything at all, and so we are introducing the Wynndale Worry Monster. This is a virtual worry monster, available through our school website, and will work in a similar way to the Time to Talk box that we already have operating in school. All children need to do if they have a worry or concern that they wish to share, is to visit the 'children' section of our website, click on the 'worry monster' tab, and then either click on the worry monster itself to write a message, or complete the online form. Once the worry has been shared, our pastoral team will get an email alert to let them know that a worry has been sent to them. A member of our staff team will then speak to the child that has shared the worry, and offer support as required. We hope our children will use this secure and confidential platform for sharing any worries or concerns they have, and we look forward to continuing to support our children to develop positive mental health and emotional well-being. We will talk to the children in school about this tool, and would also ask that you speak to your child at home to let them know that this platform is available for them to use at any time if they need it. The link below will take you straight to the relevant section on the website.


Our learning journey across school this half term...

Our Wynndale Learners have been super busy this half term! All children, whether learning in school or learning from home, have been following our planned curriculum as closely as possible, and we have seen some wonderful learning outcomes from children across school. We are proud as a school that our children have had opportunities to experience a broad and balanced curriculum during this lockdown period, and that they have also been able to engage in activities such as live PE, cooking and baking, PSHE and MFL challenges, small group and one to one interventions, live and virtual rewards and pastoral support to name just a few opportunities. Have a look at what our children have been up to...

Foundation Stage

We have had such a busy half term in FS and lots of fun. First we went on a pirate adventure, learning all about treasure maps, pirate hats and telescopes! Our traditional tale for this half term was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We made masks for re-telling the story, made some yummy and yucky porridge in science and even had a birthday party for Goldilocks! Finally we celebrated Chinese New Year by finding out about the Ox, creating zig zag dragons and learning a Chinese New Year dance! The whole FS team have been so proud of all the children working both at home and at school

Year 1

Thank you to our Year 1 children and families for all your hard work this term. You have undertaken some superb learning and I am very proud of you all. During home learning, we have been writing our Moon adventure stories. I have loved reading your finished books. They have blown me away- all the way to space! I can’t wait to put them onto our display when you come back to school. We have also been showing Beegu around Mansfield. I have enjoyed seeing your photos of you exploring the local area and taking your own toys on an adventure. I am sure Beegu will stay in Mansfield forever! Everyone has done some tremendous artwork this term; I am sure our artist Peter Thorpe would be very impressed with your rocket inspired art. I hope to see you all soon!

Our Peter Thorpe inspired art

Taking our toys on adventures around Mansfield!

Our fabulous writing!

Year 2

I have been so impressed with all the efforts of year 2 during this difficult time of blended learning. It hasn’t been easy, but you have given it your all, so thank you! I have really enjoyed seeing the work you produce every day, showcasing your creativity and independence. Throughout this half term we have immersed ourselves into our African topic across lots of subjects. We have written our own Just So stories, using lots of interesting English devices inspired by the author of The Leopard’s Drum, Jessica Souhami. Learning about what living things need to survive, food chains and life cycles have been lots of fun as we were not only able to relate it to our African topic but our pets at home too. I think we all really enjoyed practising and performing our novel study poem, The Sound Collector. We used sounds from the poem and tried to recreate them to help us to perform on Teams. During PE this half term, I have been blown away by the enthusiasm and sportsmanship in our football lessons. I think we definitely have some football stars in the making! Well done year 2, you are true Wynndale superstars! We cannot wait to have you back in the classroom to hopefully continue our African adventure.

Year 3

Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Wagstaff would like to say a massive well done to all of their superstar Year 3s for their amazing effort and perseverance for the whole of this half term! My favourite live lessons so far have been our Science lessons and STAR reading (where you bring along your brothers and sisters to enjoy too!). We’ve had such fun and lots of giggles, which makes us feel great! Thank you for all of the challenges you have had a go at too; you’ve done a fabulous job with your reading challenges especially and I love the photos I have been sent of your strange places to sit and read. Keep it up for next half term after you’ve had a well-deserved break 😊

Our Volcano Art

Y3 reading in strange places

Our self portraits

Year 4

Our wonderful Year 4 learners have been exploring the rainforest, learning about where rainforests are located, the layers that make up the rainforest and the animals and people that live there. The children have worked hard to produce high-quality work even at home. The Year 4 team are very proud of the children’s version of ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell. Their stories included adjectives to create a setting description, personification, adverbs and speech to engage the reader. The children have enjoyed engaging in our live cooking lessons, where they learnt new skills and socialised with their friends.

Year 5

In year 5 we would like to celebrate our superstar learners! As a team; Miss Pindar, Mrs Hartshorn, Mrs Kimberley and Miss Johnson have been blown away by the positive attitudes, hard work and determination shown in our remote lessons. This half term we have enjoyed exploring the fascinating world of water through our geography and science lessons. Our superstar learners have worked tirelessly to plan, write, edit and publish diary entries based on the literacy shed clip ‘The Oceanmaker’. We have had fun working mathematically with grids and angles. I cannot wait to see what amazing learning opportunities next half term will bring. Have a restful half-term and keep shining bright! 🌟

We've enjoyed our Friday baking sessions!

Our Monet inspired art work

Year 6

In Year 6, we have been working through our learning goals in all subjects. We have covered Fractions and Position and Movement in our Maths sessions, Living Things and their Habitats in Science and we are learning all about Human and Physical features across all the continents in Geography. In PE, we have remained active, through live coaching sessions and completing set tasks linked to circuit training and yoga. I know many children have also been walking, playing football, sledging and working out using their own gym equipment. Our French lessons have taken us out to the market, to the restaurant and even to the ice-cream parlour. We have shown our amazing creative skills through writing narrative and poetry. In addition, we have become artists, using the work of Henri Rousseau and Van Gogh as our inspiration. The standard of work has been amazing and every member of the class has produced work to be proud of. They are all stars!

Remote Learning Top Tips

As a school, we have been incredibly impressed with how our children have adapted to remote learning this half term. The engagement in live lessons and assignments uploaded from children across the whole school community has been fantastic, and we have been blown away by the quality of learning that children have been producing across the curriculum. Over the last half term, our children have had to learn to become 'learners' in a very different way - becoming more independent, organised and self motivated. They have done a fabulous job and have developed a wealth of new skills that we hope they will be able to use once they are back in school. As a school, our staff team have also developed a range of 'new' technology based teaching and learning skills, which they will be able to implement as part of their every day classroom practice once all children are back in school, in order to further enhance quality teaching and learning.

As we come to the end of Spring 1, we know that we will be continuing to work in this way for at least the first few weeks of next half term. With this in mind, I would like to draw your attention once again to our 'Top Tips' for remote learning. Please share these again with your children, so that they are reminded of our expectations prior to starting remote learning in Spring 2. It is really important that children follow the guidelines on the 'Top Tips' document, to ensure a safe and positive learning experience is had by all.

Look for this Top Tips document on the website....

Our Wynndale Remote Learning Plan is also available on our school website. This document outlines what you can expect from school in terms of our remote learning package.


Covid Information for the Half Term Break

As we approach the half term, I would like to politely remind everyone of the role we play in trying to combat Covid-19. We are still currently in a National Lockdown, and therefore have to follow the Government guidance that is in place, until further guidance is released. We know that the National restrictions are tough, but we would would strongly urge everyone to continue to engage in test and trace, and also follow the rules, so that hopefully we can resume some normality very soon. Please click on the link below for further information on the restrictions that are in place.


A final note for everyone in our Wynndale learning community as we begin the half term break and look forward to a new half term...…

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