Buy Local Challenge Day Two

Day 2 of the Buy Local Challenge had me wondering how to top the homemade pasta made with farm fresh eggs. Wait...I live on the bay.. So day two leads me to my favorite place, Tylers.

When I first moved to the beach, I drove by Tyler's a million times. It's located right next to Town Hall so you can't miss it. I thought it was just a bait shop. Man was I wrong. Tyler's has some of the freshest seafood around. Maybe it's because it's owned by lifelong commercial waterman, George Klein. On more than one instance, I have heard them say we will have more crabs at 4. Yes they are waiting on boats to bring in the catch.

On the weekend before the 4th, I was in picking up some shrimp. The cousin that had come down for the day to enjoy the beach was answering the phone. It was one of their busiest days and they needed the extra hands. You can't get anymore family run than that.

It's a true fish market. You can get fresh fish, lump crab meat and steamed crabs.

Every weekend during the summer, you will find people waiting in line to get the crabs. I love them. Maybe it's their special seasoning. I say it's slightly different than Old Bay with a little more spice. I call it delicious. You can even pick up some for your house.

So it's shrimp for lunch! If you are ever in Chesapeake Beach you have to stop by Tyler's. You won't be disappointed.

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