Rose supposes with Lily Too


And Lily:

Of God's Sparrows.

Thank you, everyone, for finding my blog.
Yes, right, our.
Yes, that's Lily and I'm Rose and this is our blog about old American movies. They are called Old Hollywood.
He's super cute, I agree. But we're not going to start with him. We're going to start with something that scares us.
We're starting with Mr. Grimes.
He's haunted our dreams since I accidentally watched him in a silent film.
And the music sometimes is the spookiest part. But if we tell ourselves that Mr. Grimes is make believe then we won't be scared any more.
Mr. Grimes was in the film, Sparrows, with Mary Pickford. She was very famous.
She was one of the first women in Hollywood to make her own films.
We'll tell about Mary in another blog post. Now, for the story of her film, Sparrows.
You're too silly for words, Lily,
No, an orphan farm is a farm where people sent orphans or children they couldn't afford to feed and clothe hoping that they would have a better life. Living on a farm was supposed to give the children fresh air, lots of milk, and good work to build their bodies strong. Here's Mary with her orphans.
That's because some people who ran orphan farms weren't nice and took advantage of the children, making them work and not feeding them enough. In Sparrows, it's Mr. Grimes who ran the orphan farm. See him in the picture down below?
Mr. Grimes!
He made Mollie, that's Mary Pickford with long curly hair tied in braids, work all the time and didn't feed her or the other orphans. Mollie was the oldest orphan and took care of the other orphans and loved them like a mother.
They couldn't because the orphan farm was on a spooky swamp filled with vicious alligators and guarded by a mean, horrible, shaggy dog.
Mr. Grimes and his dog were both mean and looked it.
For someone who wasn't going to listen, you have a lot of questions.
Potatoes. I don't know why Mr. Grimes thought potatoes would grow in a swamp but that is what Mollie and the orphans had to dig up. They tried to stuff potatoes in their clothes to eat later but Mr. Grimes' son would shake Mollie and the orphans until the potatoes fell out.
Even worse than Mr. Grimes.
The mean son grabs Mollie.
One night, Mr. Grimes kidnapped a baby with golden curls and gave him to Mollie to take care of.
Like Stevie in God's Sparrows only with super curly hair.
Baby in Sparrows
Yes. It's a pretend story with a pretend wig. When Mollie figures out that Mr. Grimes' kidnapping scheme failed and he's going to bury the baby in the swamp, she runs away with the baby and the orphans.
Yes, through the swamp. With the dog and Mr. Grimes chasing them and the alligators swimming around and biting at them. And Mollie carries the baby on her back.
She loves the baby. She loved all the orphans.
No, they escaped and lived happily ever after together in the kidnapped baby's father's house. They baby wouldn't live without Mollie and Mollie wouldn't live without the other orphans so the baby's father took them all!
Mollie and the orphans happy at the end
Now we won't be afraid of Mr. Grimes because we know it's a story. Good night to everyone reading our blog.
Psst. Everybody but Lily. You can watch the trailer to Sparrows here. You might want to keep the light on.