2020 Edition #3

Stop the Spread of COVID-19

In July Levy launched a campaign to encourage everyone to wear a face covering whenever they were within 6-feet of another person. Watch the video to get the details from President and CEO, S. Evan Weiner:

One Person's Trash is a Big Cat's Pleasure

Loren Johnson, from Butler Mill Services requested to re-purpose the wooden crane cable spool from the drop ball crane for an animal sanctuary in the local community. These spools are usually waste products after the crane cable is installed on the drop ball crane.

COVID Hygiene Stations

IFS in Indiana created COVID Hygiene Stations to help keep their employees safe. The Levy Technical Lab in Indiana liked the idea, so they did the same.

Pete Maillis, Robotic Scarfer Operator, at the COVID Hygiene Station in the IFS Main Office
Wayne Goeman, Quality Control Coordinator, stands by one of the COVID Hygiene Station at the Levy Technical Lab in Valparaiso

Liv Levy Tropy

Winner of the 2019 Liv Levy safety trophy -- Schmidt Construction in Colorado!

(L-R) Dan Mergens, Vice President Construction Materials, Samantha O’Saben, Division Safety Manager, Malcom Dunbar, Vice President EHS, Scott Davis, General Manager Schmidt Construction and Eliot Weiner, Executive Vice President

Levy Texas Start-Up

Watch the latest update from Steel Dynamics, Inc. showing Levy’s newest steel mill services operation in Sinton, Texas. Look for "Levy Mill Services" on the video:

Levy Success Stories during the COVID-19 crisis

Record tons delivered from Levy Plant 2 in Dearborn, Michigan

Bringing disinfecting fogging units to Levy

New Service in Mexico

Levy’s operation in Monclova, Mexico, recently began processing of iron skulls and scrap for steel mill customer AHMSA. Using various pieces of new mobile equipment and their current metal recovery plant, 15 employees have delivered over 72,000 tons of material to the customer since officially beginning the new service in March of 2020.

What is Mindfulness?

Watch this video from Division Safety Manager, Samantha O’Saben, and find out what Mindfulness is all about…

Here is the Mindfulness Checklist that Samantha refers to in the video:

Lending a Helping Hand

After catastrophic flooding in mid-Michigan, Ace-Saginaw Paving employee David Wilhelmsen shared a picture of community support efforts by his family members.

David Wilhelmsen’s two daughters, McKenzie and Lexi, along with his niece Alyssa, collected and distributed 17 cases of water, 10 bags of pet food, bags of clothing, diapers, hygiene items, blankets, pillows, towels and money for flood victims in the Sanford area.

Stay Connected with Yammer

Connect with your Levy co-workers by joining Yammer. Watch the video to download Yammer on your tablet or smartphone:

New at Donze

In June, Donze teamed up with Levy Engineering and Indiana Flame Services to trial a new oxy cutting nozzle at US Steel Gary Works. The new nozzle was able to produce a cut with a kerf width as narrow as 3.5mm on cold, medium carbon slabs. Kerf is the distance remaining between two cut pieces of steel slab. It indicates the amount of material removed or melted away by the oxy cutting process. This is an important measurement because a 1mm kerf reduction on average, means a yield loss savings to a steel producer of approximately $200,000 per 500,000 tons cut.

Collaboration at Ray Road

Watch the in-house collaboration at Ray Road, a sand and gravel operation in Michigan:

Plant Upgrade in Thailand

Siam Steel Mill Services recently completed a significant upgrade to their Bowin central processing plant. This included a new grizzly, hopper and feeder, new jaw and cone crushers and the replacement of several towers and conveyors. With these changes, the plant is designed to process 350 TPH, up from the previous production of 250 TPH.

Community Support

You can safety donate blood and support your local communities during the pandemic. For details, watch this video:

The Message Matters

Dearborn residents living near Levy’s Main Office partnered with Levy employees to create a clear and positive message regarding truck and heavy equipment traffic. With help from the Levy’s Strategic Advertising Team, new branded signage was posted in areas visible to neighbors.


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