Lousy Parents at the Movies Nate barry

I really love it when parents bring their children into the dark theater with their light up sketchers. Christ, it's my favorite when the little bastard is a crying and screaming ball of tears. Especially when the parents just ignore the child, assuming that the whole rest of the theater will ignore it too. Well, we can't for chrissake.

The parents just sit there, whispering their lousy attempts to shut the kid up. I don't blame the kid, he probably needs some attention after all. I blame those goddam parents for being so oblivious. If the parents ignore their kid even half as much every day as they do in the theater, then I'm sure the kid was practically never taught any social skills. How can they enjoy the movie themselves when they are being blinded by the light up shoes crawling over their laps for 2 straight hours? The thing is, you gotta be really dumb to be like that. It's depressing.

Worst of all, those are the types of people who think they are great parents even though it is clear that they're not. They're just a buncha phonies with no awareness of their surroundings or other people's agitation. Where is their shame? Where is their dignity?

Anyways, call it trivial, but it really ticks me off when I'm trying to watch a good goddam movie. It's annoying as hell. At least some parents have the decency to remove their bawling children from the movie.


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