Aleppo The syrian war: a violation of human rights


The Syrian war is a conflict including groups such as ISIS, Syrian Rebels, and The Syrian Government. The one side of the war wants to keep the government in place and they include mainly Iran, Russia, and a group Hezbollah supporting Assad. This group contain mostly Shiah Muslims. On the other side there are the Gulf States, Turkey, Jordan, and the United States who are supporting the rebels and aim to get rid of Assad's rule. This group contains mostly Sunni Muslims. The war started in 2011 as a movement to get rid of President Bashar Al-Assad and his Government and now it has turned into - by far - the bloodiest conflict on a day by day basis. Everyday the Syrian government is bombing and shelling the rebels killing more and more each day.

Who is effected?

In the city of Aleppo, located in the Northwest region of Syria, there are innocent people being targeted, men, women, and children alike. The people supporting Assad want the city of Aleppo so they supply Assad and his military with weapons, supplies, and troops to kill and wound the people in hopes that the people will give up hope and surrender their city. Globally, however, torture as a result of war doesn’t have to target the citizens of a single area or city, they can target whole populations, races, government systems, or religions.

What is Happening?

Specifically in Aleppo the groups that are supporting Assad are not allowing food or resources in the city - starving the city, bombs are being dropped on the civilians causing many deaths and wounding many as well, the main target for these bombs are hospitals, ambulances, and blood banks so the injured can no longer get proper medical attention. Although there is an obvious physical threat the people are being tortured mentally as well. The citizens are trapped inside their houses because snipers are stationed above to shoot them on sight. They do not have television, electricity, or anything to pass the time so some people acquire mental illnesses and go insane.

“There was no food or water. Children cried and could not sleep because of hunger" (Muse).

Where is this Happening?

The city of Aleppo is only one example of torture caused by war, in fact Janine Di Giovanni’s book “The Morning They Came for Us” gives a detailed account of her experiences in the Syrian war and all the cities she visited. While visiting the city of Aleppo Janine describes what war means to her from her experiences there “War means endless waiting, endless grow depressed but there is no treatment for it and it makes no sense to complain - everyone is as badly off as you” (131). And this is not just happening in Syria it is a global conflict as well. There are active wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, The Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Libya, and the Ukraine, Iraq, Israel/ Palestine, Nigeria. Chances are people all over the war are experiencing starvation, bombings, starvation, and poor medical attention as a result of these wars.


Before the war Aleppo was Syria’s largest city, and it’s largest commercial center. Because of these things, "it is often said that whoever holds Aleppo wins the war”. It is no shock that both sides are unwilling to give in. Assad wants the city as his commercial center to make money and the Rebels want to keep their commercial center and their home. Torture like this at times of war are a result of both sides being not able to compromise. Whether it is over land or religious beliefs, or race a groups inability to compromise leads to war and the death of millions.

"Dozens were killed yesterday in Aleppo and dozens more will die today" (Inside Syria's Unending Siege).

What can we do?

There are many organizations that are working towards rescuing people from the city of Aleppo and the Syrian war. Some of these organizations include; The White Helmet Hero Fund, The International Rescue Committee, Hand in Hand For Syria, The Internal Committee of the Red Cross, and Save the Children. There are groups that are trying to solve the problem and save people's lives they just need everyone's help to raise money.

“Art is rebellion against rules and norms, and an attempt to construct new rules and norms,” (Abdalla).

Aditional Resource

This painting was created by Abdalla Omari who is a painter and filmmaker from Damascus. He painted a portrait of Nayef – a young boy who was killed in 2013 after he survived the death of 40 of his family members. Nayef is not the only child who experiences this, however, millions of Syria’s children experience the death of those who are closest to them on a day to day basis. By creating this painting Abdalla is trying to call people to action and help the people of Syria so that they no longer have to live in a constant state of fear.


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