Natural History of Good Life Abyson Kalladanthyil

Nature on Display

I really enjoyed the Mastodon and Mammoth exhibit. It was surreal seeing the life size version of these animals propped up. I have always had an interest, since the age of five about dinosaurs and creatures of the past. This reminds me that the world is always changing and the way things are will not stay the same. The only constant in life is change. This exhibit caught my attention by this big reconstruction/replica of a Mastodon being placed right as I entered the Museum. I would not have understood the immense size and grandeur of this type of beast if it wasn't for this exhibit. It is not something you can experience through other mediums. I found it very enjoyable to be able to see Nature throughout time and reflect on its changes.

Nature and Ethics

I agree with Leopold in that we should be a "biotic community". By being gentle and respectful, I was able to take pictures with many butterflies and get very close by respecting their boundaries and not try to conquer their enviornment. By showing respect and appreciation to the environment around you, you are able to understand the beauty and peace of nature. Everyone was mesmerized by their experience in the Butterfly Exhibit, we were placed in their environment and able to experience their behaviors naturally, we didn't try to exert ourselves too much into their being. By showing us Nature of the present and of the past, we were able to have a better appreciation of the environment and the importance to take care of it and appreciate it for all its beauty. I truly believe this museum instilled into me an ethical responsibility to take care of the environment but also to not take this beautiful environment for granted because we dont know how fast something can change, and nature can evolve.

Nature and The Human Spirit

This exhibit showed a native american fishing technique that took into account nature and harnessed its own power. The native american's closeness with nature allowed them to understand its ways and its powers and take from it what they needed and nothing more. In a more technological world, it is important we take time to be with nature and appreciate it. That is how the Natural History Museum takes us away from our ordinary lives. It helps us reflect about the things we take for granted: the unique features of our natural world.

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