Healthcare facility for the Kiwanyi community Kiwanyi, Iganga, Uganda

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Kiwanyi is a rural village in Iganga, a district in eastern Uganda. The Iganga district has a sparse supply of healthcare facilities, some poorly staffed, congested and under stocked. There is a dire need to increase access to healthcare in order to reduce preventable deaths which occur due to long distances between existing hospitals. FLAME-cg, an architecture and engineering practice, is engaging local residents in planning and designing a community hospital, with funds from Something Deeper Ministries. The vision is to meet healthcare needs through the development of the Hope and Healing Centre which will span 2,000 square meters and contain surgical and maternity wings, operating theatres, and community spaces.

CATEGORY: Professional SETTING: Rural STATUS: On-going

BY: studio.flame (FLAME cg)

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: The community provided the land for the project and participated in building components such as masonry walling. Most of the support medical staff are from the local villages. Local families were asked to advise and decide how the community spaces could be best crafted. We have structured a series of community workshops, “planning clinics” and community visits to engage families in the planning and execution of the project. We are seeking approval of the local leaders and have identified ‘champions’ to spread our message and build awareness.

PARTNERS: Our partners include the Iganga Municipality (granted planning permission and advise), Something Deeper Ministries ( medical expertise and main funder), and Makerere University (linkages to research input).




Something Deeper Ministries