Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer by: Ashton hartlage

Table of Contents:

  1. Childhood Life
  2. Crimes Committed
  3. Solving Crimes Better
  4. What I've Learned
  5. Sources


Dahmer was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin on May 21, 1960. And unlike most serial killers, Dahmer had a relatively normal childhood. He was often described as an outgoing and happy child until the age of 4.

As he got older he became more withdrawn and showed no interest in social interaction or hobbies, instead, dead animals became an interest. Alcoholism became a severe issue during and after high school for him causing him to even be kicked out of a hospital.

Crimes Committed

Dahmer murdered 17 males between 1978 and 1991

  • photographed victims' corpses
  • mutilated corpses
  • performed sexual acts on the victims' corpses
  • lured men and teenagers to his home
  • often kept skulls and genitals as souvenirs
  • attempted crude lobotomies while victims were still alive

Solving Crimes Better & What I've Learned

How I Would've Attempted to Solve the Crimes...

There had been many killings over the years by Dahmer and most of the victims had been of the same ethnicity, in order to better solve the crimes I would have looked into the similarities of where the disappearances had taken place and watched those places for any mysterious or suspicious happenings.

Information Learned...

  1. looking into past behaviors can help predict how the next crime and/or murder may take place
  2. most serial killers tend to carry out their crimes similarly and don't deviate from their "routine"


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Ashton Hartlage

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