Little Big History of Time Made By: Conrad ernst

What is Time and why is it important?

Time is very hard to describe but it can be closely related to a direction you can travel. We can travel or move up, down, left, or right in space, we can move in time. But it is different because you can move two steps forward and turn around and walk back two steps. But you can't go backwards in time, this is called the arrow of time

It has been around since man kind has been around. Time is everything to humans it is so important because of how scarce it is to everyone. People can't get enough of it to satisfy their needs and they can't get back the time they wasted. That is why you need to make the most of the time you have.

Are there any Goldilocks conditions for Time, how does collective learning have anything to do with time?

There are not really any Goldilocks conditions for time. It is what it is and there doesn't have to be anything just right for it to be here, because it is always going on and will never stop. It is weird to think about it in that way but it is very similar to space and how space and time work.

As people and the human race become smarter and more advanced we use time differently. We can collectively learn so that means we make different and better decisions on how we go about doing things. With time we used to measure it with sun dials or candles but we have advanced that now we can know the time down to the millisecond. Its not just how we measures time but how we use our time more and more wisely so we can do more with less time.

Astronomical view of time

What is Astronomical even mean first? Astronomy is the branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole. So looking at time and how it relates to Astronomy is pretty easy. Have you ever looked up into the sky at night and seeing all those stars twinkling in the sky. Well, the light that you are seeing is AT LEAST 4 years old (the closest start besides the sun). So really in a way you are looking back in time and seeing what the star would have looked like when the light was emitted and not what it looks like at the very instant.

Anthropology view of time

When you look at time from an Anthropology stand point, it is very interesting. Anthropology is the study of human societies and cultures and their development. So you couldn't look at how something developed without time and years and minutes. Time is the biggest unit of measurement for Anthropology because it is how everything works in Anthropology. Without time you would not have Anthropology.


Every single threshold relates to time is some way, shape, or form, its just what ones are the most important. 1,6,7,8 are some of the biggest thresholds that it can relate with.

# 1

Lets start with threshold 1, this threshold is the Big Bang. The Big Bang is what started all of earth and the solar system and everything on, in, and around it. Time is huge to the Big Bang because every little thing had to happen at some point in time and if one of those things changed when it happens it could be huge in impacting us. Things happened in order at the time they did for a reason, if one chemical wasn't in the right place at the right time then this could have impacted something else and then a chain reaction. So with threshold 1, time is a huge player in everything that happened.

# 6

Threshold 6 is the next big one to many minds and people. This threshold is collective learning. Collective learning and time go "way back". Time is how collective learning is measured, because collective learning is learning new things and different ways to do things OVER TIME and over humans life cycles. You can only collectively learn if you do something new and learn from it the first time and the first time and the second time are two different times. So the longer the time period the more we can collectively learn.

# 7

Threshold 7 is Agriculture and with agriculture and farming you need time. You need to know what time of the year to plant and pick what, what time of day to water your crops, feed animals, time of day sun will be out, how long to have crops out before picking them, etc. Time is very big to farmers and agriculture. Agricultural development plays a big role in improving nutrition so over time we have and will have the best foods for humans and animals to consume.

# 8

Time and threshold 8 go together because this threshold is the Modern Revolution. So think about what you do in an everyday life style, think about how much you use time or how important time is. You set an alarm to get up at a certain time, go to work at a certain time, eat, sleep, shower, anything and almost everything nowadays has something to do with time. Without time the Modern Revolution may not be able to stay on track and everything could fall to pieces. So just take some time and think about how important and scarce it really is.

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