Geography project CompaRingCOUNTRIES

The first country I chose to research was Italy.

In my research I found that Italy ranked 27th on the HDI scale, it had a life expectancy of 82 years. The literacy rate in Italy was 99% and the average annual incom was $24,400/year.

Italy is a well developed country and was the highest in my research.

Saint Luca is the second country that I pick

Overall Saint Lucia is a good country

What I found in my research is st Lucia is ranked 97th on the hdi scale had a literacy rate is 89% and there life expectancy is 74 and er annual income is 14.9911year

The country that I chose to research last was India rank is 130th and there literacy rank is 74% and the life expectancy is 74 and there annual income is 14.97 year

Over all India is a good country


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