Georgia Colony 1732 Sylis McKenzie

Founder of Georgia Colony: James Oglethorpe

The Georgia Colony was founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe.

He was born on December 22, 1696.

His family were wealthy members of the landed gentry and Royalists, supporters of the crown and kings.

Religion in the Georgia Colony

Not dominated by a specific religion.

Most common religions are Baptist and Anglican.

Catholics were not welcome in the Georgia Colony.

Geography/ Weather of the Georgia Colony

The geography of colonial Georgia was one of hilly plains on the coast and forests inland.

Winters in colonial Georgia were mild, but the hot and humid summers bred diseases, such as malaria and yellow fever.

The warm weather and fertile soil supported year-round crop cultivation.

Economy/ Roles of the Georgia Colony

The economy in Colonial Georgia was mainly based off of plantations which grew indigo, rice, and sugar.

Slavery did not come until James Oglethorpe took away the ban on slavery due to constant complaints from the settlers. Cotton picking did not come until later when the cotton gin was invented in 1793.

Georgia traded and exported all of the things they grew.


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