The Bark April 2019 - Issue 22

This newsletter comes to you from the banks of the Merran Creek ... "hello holidays great to see you!" Seems like it's been a busy term and it has gone by so quickly.

There is a new Feature starting with this newsletter and it will be a permanent fixture from now on. It's called 'Student Corner' - it is specifically for the students of Candlebark to share their writing, thoughts, findings, questions, answers or general musings. It can be as simple as a few lines or even a bit longer and it can include photos or drawings. Just email to me whatever you would like to publish.

Please feel free to contact me via email on janeduggan26@yahoo.com.au if you have anything to contribute to future newsletters.

Jane Cahill - Editor In Chief


  • Student Corner (New feature - with articles written by students)
  • Term Dates 2019
  • Friendly Soccer Tournament
  • Grade 2 Book Review
  • Cross Country Competition
  • Castlemaine State Festival
  • Grade 5/6 Poetry
  • Lunchtime Concert
  • Grade 5/6 Art Exhibition
  • Preps visiting Chiara's house
  • Wil-im-ee Mooring
  • Wasp Reports
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Daisy and the Rolling Banjo
  • Community Notices

Student Corner

Charity the Horse

For the people that do not know who Charity is, she is – well was, a white and brown horse with big hoofs and she herself was not fat but really, really, really big. She lived at Candlebark. She was a kind, nice, peaceful horse. She did not want to harm anyone, but she did want to be one with them. I myself loved Charity and I still do.

She passed away last year, in 2018. I hated when Charity died. When some people at school made a grave for Charity, Hetty lay on the grave for quite a few hours. Hetty is a mountain cow and she is brown with long horns and she was Charity’s best friend.

Written By Harper

Term Dates 2019

  • Term 2 - April 29 to June 28
  • Term 3 - July 23 to September 19.
  • Term 4 - October 8 to December 18

Friendly Soccer Tournament

Some of the students organised a friendly soccer tournament, just within the school, which they ran over a few weeks. It was organised and run by the kids, and they did a great job.


Golden boot went to Ned - with 5 goals
Best young player - a stellar defensive performance in the final by Chae saw him pip Henry H for the trophy. Special mention went to Henry House.

The Organising Crew

Sasha, Cosi, Mace, Red & Sevryn

Congratulations on organising a fun, competitive, exciting tournament!

Grade 2 Book Review

Title: The 100 Deadliest Things On The Planet

Author: Anna Claybourne

It’s all about these dangerous creatures who can kill you. Most of them bite, but some sting or scrape with their claws. I’d recommend this book for people who like reading about creatures.

I really liked learning about the creatures. I would give it 10/10.

Cross Country Competition

Tuesday the 2nd of April brings crisp air, glorious sunshine, and no wind – perfect conditions for cross-country running. We are a team of thirty-three, the biggest ever assembled by Candlebark, and we’ve been training hard. Nervous energy abounds as we load bananas, bread rolls, lolly snakes and lots of water onto the bus and head for Hanging Rock.

The Rock is abuzz with buses, parents and kids all doing a terrible job of conserving their energy. We spend five minutes talking about the importance of remaining calm and not wasting any energy. Perhaps the five minutes would be better spent eating bananas.

Bryn finds a shady spot for our base. Teacher Sarah takes us through stretches and a warm-up jog. We double tie our laces and repeat our mantra: We run with our heads, with our hearts, and we finish hard! On the way back to base some of our kids see familiar faces from other schools and head over for a catch up.

The first race of the day is the eleven-year-old girls. Eva and Tabitha are our runners and are easily spotted on the starting line in their casual clothes amongst 70 kids in uniform. A marshal spends two minutes clearing small sticks from the starting area.

The gun fires and the crowd cheers. Tabitha’s a fast starter and leads after two hundred metres as the runners ascend to the base of the Rock. Eva takes a more measured approach and is positioned in a large clump in the middle of the field. After four hundred metres the track starts its circumnavigation of the Rock from the eastern side and we don’t see the runners for around ten minutes. It’s anticlimactic after the initial excitement but the time is spent going over the day’s timetable, encouraging the consumption of bananas and hiding the lolly snakes.

The girls appear from the western side of the Rock and Tabitha’s in second place - running smoothly and looking strong. She’s fifty metres back and lifts noticeably as the Candlebark cheer squad roars into action. She gains ten metres by perfectly running the next crest and staying loose on the following downhill. The front runner from Lancefield looks over her shoulder and Tabitha gains more ground. Eva rounds the bend not long after Tabitha, looking fresh and ready for a big finish.

Tabitha crosses the bridge twenty metres behind with two hundred to go. The last fifty metres is uphill but pales in comparison to the finish at Candlebark. We cheer loudly, Tabitha kicks hard and her opponent looks like she’s stopped. She hits the front with a hundred to go and doesn’t look back to finish first. It’s an awesome start to the day and a moment to remember for Tabitha. Eva finishes hard in twenty-second place. She seems disappointed but it’s a mighty fine effort.

We’re all buzzing. So much for remaining calm. Lucky we have plenty of bananas. Next up are the eleven-year-old boys - Sasha, Red, Seb and Will. All are well positioned and tightly bunched as they disappear around the Rock. We wait eagerly for them to reappear. Seb is the first to do so and he’s in sixth. He’s deeply fixed in his own rhythm and looks like he’s steeling himself for a big finish. Will’s not too far behind in eighth place with a group of four other runners. Seb kicks with a fair way to go and bravely maintains the pace to finish fifth. Will has a real battle on his hands. Two runners in his pack start their sprint to the finish and seem to catch him unawares. He watches them pass. We scream for him to lift and his eyes catch fire. He gives chase with everything, catches and passes the two runners with ten to go. Collapsing over the finish line we run to congratulate him. A marshal writes a six on his hand. He remains horizontal until a lolly snake is placed carefully on his heaving chest. Red and Sasha follow Will’s lead and give it their all to the finish in nineteenth and twenty-second respectively.

Momentum seems to be swinging our way. The early success helps to settle the nerves of the team. Cosimo generously offers five minute pre-race massages to his teammates.

The twelve-year-old girls are next - Alice, Lily, Om, Kate and Clementine. Lily is the most tense of the bunch. She’s facing her archrival, a top athlete from OLOR who she’s never beaten. We do our best to build her up but she seems unconvinced as she joins her teammates on the starting line.

The gun sounds and the crowd roars. The extra keen supporters sprint one hundred metres to the next vantage point to get a glimpse of the front runners disappearing around the Rock. Lily is in second place, five metres behind her rival. Clementine’s in sixth with Kate, Om and Alice not far behind her.

The cheer squad explodes a short time later as Lily reappears on the western side at the front of the pack. Leading by twenty metres and with a huge smile on her face, she glides along the track with near perfect running form. We cheer her all the way to finish and she wins by one hundred metres. Two wins from three races and we start to think it could be our day. Clementine crosses the bridge in fourth place and is locked in the battle of her life. Kate’s fifty metres back in sixth. In an earlier training run at Hanging Rock Clementine told the team she pictures herself galloping on a horse in the last one hundred metres. Sure enough with a hundred to go she takes off. With an incredible burst of speed she overtakes two runners and finishes in third. We look at each other in amazement. Kate’s nearing the finish and looks to be feeling the pinch. She slows down considerably with fifty to go. We ask her to lift, to dig deep, to finish hard. She shakes her head as if to tell us to be quiet, then puts her head down, pumps her legs and narrowly beats her pursuers to the finish line in sixth. Om approaches the final hill with pain clearly showing on her face. She bravely pushes through to finish in tenth place. Alice is three back but has slowed down to a walk with thirty to go. She looks back at the runners fast gaining ground. Her face says it all: You’re not passing me, no way. None of them do as she runs to the finish in thirteenth place.

The twelve-year-old boys are next - Bryn, Cosimo, Dylan, Henry Bourke, Max and Walter. We’re not surprised to see Henry in second place, with Bryn and Walter not too far behind as they disappear around the eastern bend.

With half of our team having run their races, the gusto in our cheer squad has increased. The cheers are not just for the Candlebark runners but for other competitors too. It’s wonderful to see.

Henry rounds the western bend in no time at all. The cheer of 'Let’s go Bourkey' echoes far and wide. He’s running effortlessly and his nearest competitor doesn’t appear for quite some time. We roar when we see that it’s Bryn. He accelerates towards Henry who is one hundred and fifty metres in front. To put that much space between yourself and the rest of the field is hugely impressive. He wins easily and looks like he could run it again minutes later. We can’t help but ask the question, Is there something in the toothpaste at the Bourke house?

The Newham runner pursuing Bryn kicks hard with two hundred to go but you need a lot left in the tank to chase down Bryn Sawyer, who responds by pushing turbo and finishes in second place. Walter runs a fantastic race to finish fourth. Cosi, nursing a sore hip from a diving save at the Candlebark lunchtime soccer tournament, finishes seventeenth. Max and Dylan run in tandem and finish in forty-second and forty-third respectively.

The whole team is now buzzing. The ten-year-old girls are next – Audrey, Dallas, Erin and Sarah. All have been waiting patiently and actively cheering and are rewarded with two lolly snakes before the run. They will run two k’s and finish on a downhill. This means the crowd only sees the runners for three hundred metres of the race. Sarah charges out early and leads after two hundred. Erin follows not far behind. Dallas gives new meaning to the term ‘fun run’ and is almost dancing along the track. Audrey’s behind her with a look of steely determination.

We walk further up the track to the ideal point to spur on our runners for the final push. The downhill finish is not what we’re used to and teacher Sarah has marked a spot for the runners to start their final push. Erin’s the first to reach this point and strides beautifully down the hill. Pain is etched on her face but she’s thriving in the moment and finishes seventh. Sarah has faded somewhat after starting so hard but responds to the crowd and kicks hard to finish in thirteenth. Dallas grins as she sees familiar faces then puts her head down and sprints the last thirty metres to finish in thirty-third. Audrey gets the loudest cheer of the race and manages a smile as she runs down the hill followed closely by her teammates. She finishes in sixtieth.

The ten-year-old boys are next – Arlo, Charlie, Ethan, Lewis and Nash. Arlo’s running with a broken arm and has wisely positioned himself on the edge of the starting group. The gun blasts and all thoughts of self-preservation vanish as he jostles for position at the front of the pack. Lewis, Charlie, Ethan and Nash follow in a huge pack as they disappear out of sight.

Arlo’s the first to appear, his white cast making him easily recogniseable. He doesn’t make eye contact with the Candlebark cheer squad but shows determination and sheer pace to finish sixth. Lewis is next to appear and glides down the hill in tenth place. Charlie follows him looking weary but happy and finishes in twenty-fourth. Nash gets a huge boost from the crowd and powers home to finish forty-third. Ethan's suffered a fall halfway around the Rock and jogs home to finish forty-eighth.

The penultimate race of the day is the nine-year-old boys – Albert, Chae, Henry Astuto, Henry House, Jimmy and Remy. This group is well known for their seemingly endless energy. Two snakes each down the hatch and bang goes the gun. Chae sets the pace and is in second going round the eastern bend. Remy, Albert and Jimmy are on his tail with the Henry and Henry not far behind.

Chae rounds the last bend in second spot, fifty metres clear of third. You’ve gotta be running well to beat Chae and we cheer the front runner in appreciation of his effort. Chae finishes hard in second place. Remy and Albert hurtle down the hill to finish in fourth and fifth. Henry Astuto finishes hard in twenty-second. Henry House is not far behind in thirty-third. Jimmy appears at the top of the hill, sees the Candlebark cheer squad and finds another gear. He too finishes hard in sixtieth.

The last race of the day is the nine-year-old girls. Esther is our only competitor. She asks if we think she will finish in the top ten. We tell her it doesn’t matter as long as she finishes the race knowing she’s given her all. Obviously dissatisfied with our answer, she takes her two lolly snakes and heads for the starting line. The biggest crowd of the day gathers. The gun goes and the crowd goes wild. We fly up the hill to catch another glimpse of the runners before they disappear around the Rock. Esther looks almost embarrassed to be near the front of the pack.

The next time we see her she’s in first place with fifty to go. The Candlebark team sprint alongside her to the finish line. Esther wins by one hundred metres and a Runner is born.

With all races now finished we take a group photo and decide to walk up Hanging Rock. Albert chooses to run and a few follow his lead. Others retell stories of their runs. It’s great to hear the individual tales. Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things and we’ve certainly made some special ones today.

We reach the halfway point of the Rock and stop to explore. We scramble and rock-hop to the best vantage points to watch the afternoon sun on Mt Macedon. It seems fitting our day ends like this.

Candlebark won four of the eight races and finished second in two. Sixteen of our runners have made it through to the Goldfields and Sandhurt Division Cross Country Championships, the most qualified by any school.

- Written By Cameron Kerr

Castlemaine State Festival

A day out at Castlemaine Festival - By Maisie Hayter

A few weeks ago, grade 5/6 x got to go on a fun day of school; we went to Castlemaine to go to the festival. It was so fun, our day was planned out by Wendy.

First we did a radio workshop with Sisters Akousmatica. It was the highlight of my trip We made our own radios, and went into her blue bedazzled car which, on the inside, was rainbow and had pillows and glitter on the windows. In the front of the car there was a phone and when you talk into the phone it goes onto the radio, which is a 1 km range. So that was probably my favourite part of the day.

Then we had morning tea. We had nachos and salsa, which was pretty good. Then after a snack we had another work shop with Kylie Stillman. It was fun. We got a book and cut out colours and stuck them on to the inside cover of the book. I did a sunset, so I cut out red orange and yellow. After we stuck it down we did the ground then stuck down the tree to the background. That was really fun.

Then we had lunch, which was wraps. Through lunch, we did a hidden creatures hunt, which is this app that you download and point the camera at a marker that they hide around the park. When you point the camera at it, a little creature pops up and says a couple of words. But there’s a twist. We made the creatures a few weeks before we went. Ebony, Olivia, Eva, Emily and I did one. We took a photo of a trash can and the people turned it into a robot.

Sisters Akousmatica Electronics Workshop

Field Trip to Castlemaine Festival - By Olivia Wilson

Two weeks ago we went to Castlemaine for an exciting field trip. Castlemaine were running this festival where we did four workshops.

The first work shop we did was with Sisters Akousmatica, where we were learning about circuits and radio waves and used electronics tp make radios and broadcast live on a radio. Everybody within one kilometre of that area could hear us . Whilst someone was speaking into the radio the rest of us would decorate the really cool hipster car with a rainbow fabric spread along the car floor and on the steering wheel. Also inside the car, were two of these big microphones with magnets. First we would decorate the magnets with the markers and then stick them on the car. I really enjoyed designing and making the car and the radios.

Castlemaine State Festival - By Darcy Paterson

About 2 weeks ago grade 5/6x went on an excursion to Castlemaine, to go to their state festival to do workshops with different people.

The first workshop we went to was the Sisters Akousmatica’s workshop where we made radios that really work! This was my favourite. The sisters had a car that had a radio microphone installed in it and many Candlebark kids used it. The funny thing was that when people were speaking if other people were listening to 9999 they actually heard us. The sisters said that it was only a 1 or 2 kms radius sadly.They also let us do some decorations on their car! The car had a nice and weird fluffy space in the back where you’d expect the back seats and the boot to be! They had all sorts of things back there it was very funny to see Red and Will pretending to be drinking out of microphones. I think that was what they were doing …

Grade 5/6 Poetry

Amelie Bunder, Cristian Sammut, Daisy Paterson & Ewan Bucholtz
Eva Hurst, Liam Wallace, Sevryn Danilov & Riley Young

Lunchtime Concert

Jamie Barlow's music students showed some of their wonderful talents on Wednesday 10th April, in a lunchtime concert. There was a variety of musicianship on display; drummers, guitars and vocalists. There was even an impromptu Candlebark kids mosh pit.

Cult Of Personality - Ben / Crocodiles - Henry, Isaac
TNT - Rainer & Jira / Rise - Mace, Albert & Jimmy
High Hopes - Jimmy & Albert / Horse Pills - Ned & Henry
Stereo Hearts - Ivy / Oh She's Sweet But a Psycho - Maddie, Dallas, Ivy & Daisy
Sweet Home Alabama - Liam & Henry / Another One Bites The Dust - Mace & Henry

Grade 5/6 Art Exhibition

The Grade 5/6 students were tasked with creating their own houses and judging by the amazing models they built we may have some, builders, designers or architects on our hands and given the prices they are selling their dream homes for there may even be some future real estate moguls.

Preps visiting Chiara's house

The Preps had a lovely day in Romsey visiting Chiara's house.

Lucky chook being held by Mila
Looking for Yabbies and enjoying the trampoline

Wil-im-ee Mooring

The grade 5/6s and 1/2s went to Wil-im-ee Mooring, a Wurundjeri stone axe quarry near Lancefield, a couple of weeks ago. Afterwards I just made a quick video of their reflections from the excursion.

Candlebark is pretty lucky to be situated close to an important archaeological site of the Kulin Nation. Wil-im-ee Mooring (also know as Mt William) is a stone axe quarry located on Wurundjeri land near to the border of Djadjawurung and Taungurong land (near Lancefield). We're even luckier to have been recently invited to view this site and meet Uncle Dave, a local Wurundjeri elder, who gave us some insights into Wurundjeri culture and what has been going on at the quarry for thousands of years. After the excursion 5/6y recorded some interesting things that they learnt from Uncle Dave (click the link below to find out what they learnt).

Wil-im-ee Mooring - What we learnt

Written by Peta Domm

Wasp Reports

Grade 5/6x has created a short news report on the wasp problem at Candlebark at the moment. They did this as part of a data collection lesson in maths. They worked independently to film and record this report and they have done a brilliant job. Nothing better than student reporters! Through their investigation they have discovered that if you want to be safe from wasps, then head up to the Prep room and if you don't want to be the victim of a wasp attack hanging around Andy's room might be a bad idea..

Wasp Data Collection Report

Easter Egg Hunt

The last day of term started with some magical bonnet creations and a walk through the bush in search of chocolate eggs.

Daisy and the Rolling Banjo

And the final item for this newsletter, if you want to catch up on what Sam, Krista, Banjo & Daisy Ford are up to check out their travel blog. Here's a sneak peek ...

South America 2019 – Puerto Varas to Bariloche.

We awake beneath thick, fluffy doonas and step outside into similarly thick fog. There are no volcano views this morning. We farewell our friendly host Carolina, who has a hug and a chocolate treat for each of us. We make our way around Lago Llanquihu ...

Read more here Daisy and the Rolling Banjo

Community Notices

Community service announcement from Kate Kennedy, whose family will be travelling for several months this year:

Housesitter needed for June and July for a comfortable family home in Woodend South. Two very sweet dogs included. House well-heated with fireplace and hydronic. Please contact Bill on 0403312395 to discuss.

For more information visit mrsc.vic.gov.au/Community-Funding-Scheme

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