Welcome! Here are three questions about SAGA that we all had!

We asked our lovely Fellows at Team Juarez three questions that any prospective Fellow might have.

What is your favorite part about working with SAGA?

"I love working with teenagers and seeing them make progress in their understanding of math" - Nayeli Langarica, B.A. Women's Studies, University of Michigan
"My favorite part of SAGA is knowing that I'm going to come to work alongside some great individuals" - Karen Ferreira, B.A. Sociology & Chicano/a/Latino/a Studies
"The challenge and opportunity for growth, both personally and professionally" - David Melia, B.A. Business Management, DePaul University

Why did you choose to spend your year with SAGA?

"I wanted to help high school students, while also exploring the non-profit sector" - Kameo Thompson, B.A. English Education, University of Missouri
"SAGA is an opportunity to experience being a tutor and working for an institution that I believe is having a positive impact on the community" - Pedro Borges, B.E. Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota
" I've always wanted to teach in small groups and I hope to work with low-income urban populations in the future, so SAGA really offered everything that I wanted!" - James Paik, B.A. Psychology, University of Chicago

What is the most surprising thing about working with SAGA?

" How awesome the students are - I thought they would be amazing, but they are phenomenal!" - Matt Landry, B.E. Electrical Engineering, Mississippi State University
"How much the job changes you. I have gained so much perspective since I started working with SAGA" - Giulia Hindermann, B.S. Neuroscience, University of Illinois at Chicago
"How serious feedback is taken. This is really a great place to learn and grow" - Gabe Rodriguez, B.S. Computer Information Systems, DeVry University

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