Birmingham Children's Crusade Birmingham CAMPAIGN

The Birmingham childrens march was a march for black students in Birmingham Alabama for more freedom for blacks in their city.

Hundreds of students march in the streets of Birmingham

The purpose of this march was to go to the Birmingham Town Hall and talk to the mayor about segregation in Birmingham because blacks wanted to desegregate places like lunch counters, restrooms and fitting rooms and upgrade jobs for blacks.

Black children protest not going to school

In this event, thousands of children from Birmingham marched for freedom in their city. They were going to talk to the mayor of Birmingham about segregation in their city but a police officer named Bull Connor stopped them from doing that. He sprayed the children with fire hoses and released dogs to attack the children and many of the children went to jail but this march compelled President John F. Kennedy to start the civil rights act of 1963.

(Left) Firemen spray the children with fire hoses. (Right) Police dogs attack a student.

After the event Birmingham, Alabama was finally treated fairly and Birmingham rescinded the Segregation Ordiances and Birmingham was free at last.

Birmingham finally had peace in their city.

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