What is Good Food? Good food is that I choose for myself

I understand what is unhealthy, I am also a very active person which will counter act the bad calories I may have eaten that day.
Pizza is good food to me, It can be as healthy as you want it to be. Thin crust vs deep dish, Meat vs vegetable toppings.
Good food is when you can look down and smile at what is in front of you.
I like eating food with a bunch of protein and carbs in it, which probably isn't super healthy but I'm a skinny kid.
I know this isn't good for my body, but I deserve to treat myself once and awhile.
Blue berries are my favorite type of berry, they are full of nutrients... If only they were not so expensive.
Potatoes are the one food you can have anytime of day. Breakfast burritos, hot dishes, fries, and of course they make a dish seem complete.
smoothies are great to me because you can make them yourself or buy them at most restaurants. Did I mention they are healthy?
Good food is versatile, eggs can make anything from a healthy omelette to a delicious cake.
Cows are great because they can produce many types of meat, along with milk.


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