20 Min. Of Walking Around With My Phone By Mikayla Edwards

Song #1 : Caraphernelia by Pierce The Veil

This song is pretty angsty. It has half clean and unclean vocals. It is about being cheated on, but still wanting to love their person, but while trying to do so, they begin to hate them.

I took this picture while they performed Caraphernelia when I saw them live in February.
Here are some pictures of the band because I love them.
I started off just taking pictures of the sky because I didn't really know what else to take a picture of at that point.
It was after that that I saw these banners and wanted to try to get a good picture of them moving because it was windy out.

Song #2 : Go Go Go by Sleeping With Sirens

This is a super fast song (as you may have guessed by the title) and it is filled with a lot of energy.

At this point, my phone was dying. I had to run back inside to charge it for a moment. While running, I accidentally took pictures of my feet.

Dis be my feet ^
A picture of them I took at the end of the day at Warped Tour last August.

I didn't get to take any other photos Go Go Go was playing.

Song#3 : I'm Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket by Pierce The Veil

This song is softer and more heartfelt than the other two were, as it it about falling out of love. I took more angled/artsy shots while listening to it.

I saw this bench by the fence at the end of the soccer field, and I thought it would be cool to use it as leading lines or something to add a nostalgic effect to the photo.
I wanted to play around with upward angles, so I started out with this tree.
After the tree, I saw this light pole, and I did the same thing with it. I really love this picture.
I also think it just looks cool in black and white.
I wanted to try to do some framing, so when I saw the soccer net, I thought it would be cool to try it out. I like this photo especially because of the clouds in the background and how the school building is framed.
I added some of the lyrics from Caraphernelia onto one of the my favorite pictures that I took.

I enjoyed being able to take random pictures while listening to music, and I hope you at least somewhat enjoyed my presentation.

Created By
Mikayla Edwards

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