Why Do cats Purr? By: De' Jah

How cats purr

How Cats Purr?: Cats purring starts from their brain and from there is is created as a Diaphram and from there it goes through their body and then as the cats purr, their purr will get louder.

What makes cats purr

Cats like to purr when: You pet them or rub them,if they are playing with their toys,eating, and when they are sleeping .Cats love it when you are petting them behind their ear and also on their backs Cats also purr when they are just by them self. Cats also purr when they are all different emotions.They also sometimes purr when they catnip on things like blankets,and other little things. Cats purr starts from thier brain.

These cats are so cute

Cats will show that they love you by: When cats crawl up on you ,they are wanting you to pet them like sometimes when you are sad they will climb on you and sometimes lay with you until... you feel better and they run away(lol) Cats just love it when you just pet them and play with them and take good care of them.

This video is about what kittens do when they first are born and able to walk and also first to explore.!


How to know when your cat is mad or gets mad and run away from you: Whenever you hit, kick throw or anything to a cat/kitten they will get mad and either bite, scratch or just run away from you whenever you get close to them. Cats DO NOT like it when you give them baths or you scare them and also when you bother them when their tail is wagging DO NOT pick up cats because when they do not want to be picked up, they will either hurt you with their sharp teeth or scratch you.

Happy cat day!!!!!

Whats makes a happy cat(s) Cats like it when you are nice to them which means they will come to you when they want to be pet or rub and scratched by you and love you. As long as you take care of your cats they will give you all the love and support you want.


more cat food



Feed your cats! : Always make sure your cats are fed and are either given water or milk but only give the bigger and older cats milk because younger carts-kittens can get sick so always make sure to give your cats water every time you feed them because they need to be hydrated for the day.

As long as you take care of your cats they will always be HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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DeJah Staten


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