Fully Artomatic is proud to present SUPLEXED!, our no holds barred pro-wrestling fanzine. From cover to cover, bell to bell, we're going to bring you all the ups and downs of good ol' fashion professional wrasslin. We're going everywhere, brother! From the heyday of the NWA to the gritty bingo halls of ECW. From the hard hitting strong style to the beautiful acrobats of the junior heavyweights. We've booked an amazing card for you to enjoy, so sit back, buy a shirt, and enjoy the show!

As a fan 'zine, Suplexed! is a collaborative event among all the artists. Once the book is done, all artists will have access to the production PDF to produce the book themselves.


Due to a possible overflow of submissions, all submissions will be carefully considered this time. We will notify each submitting artist of their accepted status as soon as we can.


As mentioned above, the theme is all of pro-wrestling. Indies, national, international; old school, modern style. Bring it!


  • Final size: 8.5 x 11
  • With bleed: 8.75 x 11.25
  • 300 DPI resolution
  • CMYK color mode
  • PDF, PSD, and TIF format

Follow this link for the bleed overlay guide.


All content of all ratings will be considered. G rated to R rated. We would normally say PG-13, however that really restrains the theme, and for certain characters would restrict too much.


To be considered, please send your submission to fullyartomatic@gmail with the title “SUPLEXED! SUBMISSION ” in the subject line. Please use Dropbox or Google Drive to upload them and put a download link in the e-mail. If you have any additional questions, type “SUPLEXED! QUESTIONS” in the subject line.