Fashion Trends Different treNds for different people

Shoe trends have always been a thing, from the Superstar Adidas to the Old Skool Vans.

As the years went by the shoes students wear has changed.

Hoop earrings have been a hit lately making UHS students wear them making their outfits pop.

The gold hoop earring has been a powerful symbol in numerous cultures throughout history.

The oldest earrings archeologists have discovered belong to Sumerian women in 2500 BC.

Chokers originated in the 19th century Queen Alexandra wore one to hide a small scar.

Chokers are stylish, you can add your own style in each outfit you wear.

Thrasher is a skateboarding clothing brand. Some hoodies are expensive but are also very comfortable and some thrasher designs are different.

The original Thrasher design with flames.

Supreme, Diamond, and Thrasher fall into this upcoming trend.


Created with images by Snow0107 - "fabric clothing studio" • Gastev - "commodity fetish"

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