Walking Through The Shadows By Katie, Jackson, Aaron

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Fatefuls.......Katie Kruza.........Poem
  • Drugs In Afghanistan.......Jackson Leydig.........Documentary
  • House On The Hill..........Katie Kruza..........Poem
  • Country Talk At Night........Aaron Junkin.........Interveiw
  • Beaten.......Katie Kruza........Poem
  • Perspective......Katie Kruza........Poem
  • Bibliography.........Citaions


Around the world there are various situations. Some people and places have all the money they could want and others scrape their bank accounts clean for food. Some people can leave their houses at night and not have any concern but others are pushed behind locked doors in a fear for their life. Some people can raise their children with wrath and class and others wonder if their kids will wake up in the morning. Some people deal with love while other deal with war. Drug sales versus markets purchases. Water guns versus AR-15s. Afghanistan falls into all the negatives. Over 500,000 Afghans have died in the city of Kabul alone over a four year period. The single stories and stereotypes for this country all seem to be true, and they are. Since the struggle of the economy, the citizens have made an effort to govern themselves and gain back stability cause more disagreements. There are billions of dollars pouring into the country from outside countries but the problem can't be solved with money. It will take mutual agreement. Suicide bombers and missile attacks have been launched by the Taliban on enemies and themselves. Drugs play a large role increasing the danger and crime. Afghanistan grows 92% of the world’s heroin. Theft is around every corner.

Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places to live. War is a devastating issue killing thousands, and the Taliban is nowhere near done with the torture. People around, therefore, see it as a place of war and death; people stories and opinions are true. There are limited safe places in Afghanistan to travel to; everything you do involves a threat. Trust has been broken between the afghan and Americans and it comes out in riots, war, and just pure hatred it anyone who visits the country.In this project we are not disproving the single stories but proving they are true, unlike many other places where there are stereotypes that are false. (Most of them are all true.) You never know what you will find in the country. Using facts and stories from real victims of attacks and abuse, we will tell the story of the country and give an insight to what is happening.


By Katie Kruza

Drugs in Afghanistan

House on the Hill

By Katie Kruza

Country Talk at Night


By Katie Kruza


By Katie Kruza


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