Bill Viola electronic renaissance

For the first time Palazzo Strozzi presents in Florence the exhibition on the electronic renaissance of Bill Viola, the works of the American artist and the Renaissance masters who inspired him.

Bill Viola is the undisputed master of contemporary art video, in the halls of the Florentine building are over 40 years of artist's career.

The exhibition trail features a selection of 26 works, tracing through experiences of immersion between space, image and sound.

The artist's career, from the first experiments of the seventies to the recent big video installations, also creating a subjective dialogue between ancient and contemporary.

This is an entirely emotional show where the connection between the Renaissance and the video will show how all art is actually contemporary.

The purpose of art is to describe the human soul, taking time to reflect on themselves and to throw out the emotions.

His wife Kira Perov said that her husband "saw the work of the Renaissance, but no one gave him that feeling and that feeling he wanted." At university he hated art history, wanted to play video with the cameras, then he saw Michelangelo's David and that really left the mark. "

The experience of the mature artist in Florence reaches full evidence through direct confrontation with masterpieces of the great masters of the past, such as Pontormo, Masolino and Paolo Uccello, who have been a source of inspiration for the American artist.

Bill Viola is internationally recognized as one of the most important contemporary artists.
Viola inquires about people, faces are the protagonists of his works, characterized by a poetic and highly symbolic style in which man is called to interact with opposing forces and energies of nature like water and fire, light and dark, and the cycle Life, death, and rebirth.

The exhibition celebrates the special relationship between Bill Viola and the city of Florence. It is here that the artist worked between 1974 and 1976 as technical director of the art / tapes / 22 gallery and is in Florence and in Tuscany that Palazzo Strozzi collaborates With museums and local places.

“Because we live in an industrialized, fast - paced world that prefers that the soul remain asleep”

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