Severe Weather Formations By Louis Robinson

Thunderstorms have 3 steps the first step to thunderstorms is called the cumulus stage. The cumulus stage is when warm and unstable air raises and the clouds grow bigger
The second stage is the mature stage. the mature stage is when the storm is at its biggest with heavy precipitation.
The last stage for thunderstorms is called the dissipating stage. The dissipating stage is when the precipitation cools down the storm and it dies off
Tornadoes have 3 stages as well and the first stage is similar to how thunderstorms form which is warm air raising.
The second stage of a tornado is when the warm air starts to rotate forming a mesocyclone.
The final stage to a tornado is when the vortex starts to form and winds speed picks up causing the tornado to rip stuff from the ground
Hurricanes starts off as a bunch of thunderstorms which is stage 1
stage 2 of a hurricane is warm air raises and forming a bunch if clouds.
The clouds form a ring which gets bigger and spins.


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