Sojourner Truth Earning freedom

A rough life

Sojourner Truth inspires me to work hard even when things look dull. Sojourner was born in 1796 and named Isabella but changed her name to sojourner when she was free.As a child Isabella Isabella was moved place. Isabella always hated slavery and how it tore families apart. When she was nine taken from her family and sold to the Neelys. The Neelys beat her and she prayed almost every night for protection from the Neelys . Sojourner was secretly Dating Robert. But they were soon they were caught. Robert was beaten with heavy sticks,tied up, and taken away...he never came back!

A brighter future

After marrying Thomas she was granted freedom if she worked ten years. Ten years passed but she soon realized she had been lied to! She took matters into her own hands and ran away also changed her name. Sojourner ended up in New York There she was apart of a group called ´´Kingdom of God´´ but was soon accused of poising the leader who recently died. Sojourner sued the reporter witch was something most black women only dreamed of doing but the best part was when she WON! After that Sojourner began preaching on the go.

sojourner´s signiature

A happy ending

Sojourner did many remarkable things after that like chasing away slave traders But Sojourner always was a remarkable speaker . Sojourner laughed at the idea that men were stronger than men .Once Sojourner said ´´if women want any more rights than they got why do they not just take em instead of talking about it . Sojourner died November twenty six 1883 . Most importantly Sojourner worked hard and pursued her dreams! Sojourner went from a slave to a successful women. Now I know how important it is to never give up!

statue of Sojouner

Adler, David A., and Gershom Griffith. A Picture Book of Sojourner Truth. New York: Holiday House, 1994. Print.


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