Jupiter The gas giant

Diameter/ Size

The diameter of Jupiter is 88,846 miles and is 320 times bigger than Earth's diameter.


Jupiter completes a full revolution around the sun in 4,326 days or 11.89 years and it's orbit is a perfect circle.


Jupiter makes a full rotation in just 9 hours and 55 minutes making it the fastest planet spinning on a axis.

Average distance from the Sun

Jupiter's average distance from the sun is about 483 million miles from the sun and is about 5 times greater the distance from Earth to the sun.

Origin of Jupiter's Name

The name "Jupiter" originated from the ruler of the roman gods Jupiter and is the equivalent of the Greek god Zeus.

Average Surface Temperature

The average surface temperature of Jupiter ranges from -240 F degrees to -100 F degrees.

4 Interesting Facts

1. Jupiter has 67 known moons and there are still moons to discover. The four biggest moons are the size of Earth but the smallest can be less than 5 miles in diameter.

2. The temperatures of Jupiter’s interior can reach 45,000 F degrees and the pressure in the core is most like 50 to 100 million times the pressure at sea level on Earth

3. Jupiter is so big it could fit 1,300 Earths inside of it.

4. Jupiter does not have a solid surface. Jupiter is formed with the same elements of the sun and other stars in about the same amounts. Just like Saturn it is made entirely of helium and hydrogen in liquid and gaseous forms making.


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