Philippines By: Meilee Walden

In the Philippine culture there isn't a meal with out rice, and rice is the main part of the meal. They eat their rice steamed. Philippines food is considered as contagious diffusion, because the rice they eat comes from China.
Filipinos also like to eat sweet foods including; doughnuts, sweet rolls, instant coffee, and Coca-Cola and other sweet foods.
Filipinos eat their chicken, and pig/pork fried. When they eat fish they usually eat fish such as shellfish served fresh or salted for meals.
Only forks and spoons are used for eating, and table knives are not to be used. They only use forks and spoons, because a spoon can be used as a knife. They also use their hands and banana leaves to eat with.
This is Halo-Halo Ice Cream Mix Dessert and it is a traditional Philippine dessert. Champordo which is chocolate rice pudding is another traditional dessert. Two more desserts are Filipino Leche Flan Dessert, and Filipino Puto Recipe which is a rice flour cake recipe.
Breakfast is eaten at 6 am, and for breakfast they eat leftovers from the night before. On special days or occasions eggs and sausage are eaten.

They have a light meal (merienda) in the mid morning/afternoon, which is at 10am and 3pm. They eat lunch like us at noon, they also have dinner around the same time as us. Beans and potatoes are eaten commonly and fruit is always available.

They eat multiple types of fruit and they include red and green bananas, and mangoes. They also eat a fruit salad on special occasions.
Fast food is a part of their culture and they have rice served with every meal in fast food restaurants. They have banana ketchup and most people there eat that instead of tomato ketchup.
Only men can have gin or beer, but they have to also have a balut, which is a duck egg with an embryo. Women can't drink like the men do.
Christmas Food!
This is a treat/special food called puto bungbong that the Philippines eat during the Christmas time. They start to prepare the meal months before Chistmas happens. Another dish that is eaten during Christmas is called bibingka.


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