Why School Uniforms Should Be Reconsidered In Schools Emily Hoppenworth

School uniforms are important for many reasons. A uniform can have multiple benefits, including less bullying, more concentration on education, and also improved attendance, and discipline! As you can see, a school uniform includes multiple advantages that can benefit everyone involved in the school system, such as teachers, with discipline, parents, with bullying and attendance, and the students, including education, and many others!

This is a student wearing a school uniform, most likely required by the school.

This is a school that seems to have a school uniform policy, based on the similarities between the students' clothes.

This photo has been taken in a school, where school uniforms should be worn.

First, they can keep students more focused on their learning, and less distracted by students around them, and their clothes. According to ProCon.org, a 2010 University of Houston study found that elementary school girls’ language test scores increased by three percent after uniforms became a requirement (ProCon, 2017, http://school-uniforms.procon.org). This makes students more focused on their education because test scores can be improved by focusing, when being distracted can bring down an important grade, or any grade at all. Students may not become distracted easily, or some may not become distracted, but many kids can become distracted more easily than a few others.

Also, schools uniforms can reduce peer pressure and bullying. You can prevent bullying from happening, but kids can still bully on their own. Most related, it is because of something somebody's wearing, wether it's a certain color, cheap, fancy, childish, or any other status of a piece of clothing. According to a survey taken by the NAESP and Lands’ End in 2013, eighty six percent of school principals thought that it makes a positive impact on peer pressure, while sixty seven percent thought it helped to prevent bullying (ProCon, 2017, school-uniforms.procon.org). This reduces peer pressure and bullying because once the school decided for their students to wear uniforms, the statistics showed the views of the school principals growing in positive ways.

School uniforms could also improve attendance and discipline. There was another test by the University of Houston showed that absence averages for both middle and high school students decreased by about seven percent (ProCon, 2017, http://school-uniforms.procon.org). This shows the improved attendance in particular because of the decrease in absence averages. This shows discipline because of the less distraction, again mentioned. Students can be

Proud wearers of school uniforms!

There are multiple studies that show that uniforms can increase attendance, education, and student bullying, and peer pressure. I believe that we should have school uniforms if there are these benefits towards many worthy advantages. As you can see, school uniforms can cause worthy benefits in many ways, including all of the studies, attendance, discipline, and all of the others mentioned, including more! Uniforms should be required at every school, because these things are beneficial for many different people involved in the school system.

Students Wearing School Uniforms.
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