Shamvuru Camp Rundu / Caprivi strip, Namibia

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  • Name of Facility: eShamvura Camp
  • Region: Caprivi Strip, Namibia
  • Town (nearest): Rundu
  • Category: Self catering accommodation and camp-site
  • Description: Shamvura Camp offers visitors more than 15km of a pristine river system with a vast adjoining floodplain created by the confluence of Cuito and Okavango rivers. Situated high on a prominent sand dune, fronted by the meandering Okavango River, this location affords the visitor some spectacular vistas of up to 30km over the river into the Angolan floodplains. They also have the added advantage of being surrounded by both climax riverine forest, woodland and extensive floodplains creating a haven for a large diversity of fish, birds and other wildlife.
  • Accommodation: The cottage in the forest gives the visitor a birds-eye view of this unique habitat. The accommodation remains modest and private. It is most suited to small self-catering parties who are interested in quality experiences. They emphasize the importance of personalized attention. All accommodation facilities are serviced daily. Linen and firewood are provided. In addition each unit has a separate all-weather entrance road, spacious turning and parking area with exclusive privacy and safety.
  • Tree Top Cottage: (Sleeps 4)
  • Elevated on a raised wooden platform, constructed from wood and thatched, it is situated in the forest giving a splendid view from its spacious veranda. It has one large main bedroom with a double and single bed, a ceiling fan and en-suite bathroom. The open-plan dining/kitchen/living area provides space for up two additional beds, with a bedside lamp and shelf which although not private is quite cosy. The kitchen is fully equipped with crockery and cutlery for six people and includes a fridge/freezer and stove. There is also a private enclosed and grassed braai (barbeque) area. The cottage is supplied with electricity.
  • Maroela Tent: (2 bed unit):
  • A cabin tent on a raised wooden platform with en-suite shower/toilet facilities and a large spacious covered veranda and an excellent view of the river from behind the forest fringe. It is situated next to a large Maroela tree (hence the name) and has a large enclosed grassed braai (barbeque) and washing area. There is a large parking and turning area, partially enclosed. There is no electricity but battery lamps are provided.
  • Combretum Tent: (4 bed unit):
  • A cabin tent on a raised cement base with a covered veranda. The shower/toilet facility is not en-suite but close by and there is a braai (barbeque) and washing area. This tent is situated under a large Combretum colonum tree with dense shade. The whole unit with large parking areas is enclosed with a reed and pole fence, offering a good view of the Angolan floodplains. There is no electricity but battery lamps are provided.
  • Manketti Tent: (3bed unit):
  • A cabin tent on a raised wooden platform with a veranda offering a good view of the Angolan floodplains. Shower facilities en suite. It has its own grassed and enclosed braai (barbeque) and washing area with a partially enclosed large parking and turning area for vehicles. There is no electricity but battery lamps are provided.
  • Ushivi Tent: (4 bed unit):
  • A cabin tent on a cement base, near the main complex with a large, shady, very spacious reed-fence enclosed area giving absolute privacy, but unfortunately no view. A braai (barbeque) area with outside lighting and a fully equipped kitchen, with crockery and cutlery for up to eight people, a fridge/freezer and stove. It has double ablution facilities within the enclosed area, electricity, lights and a plug point. This unit has an adjoining Guide’s Nook with a shaded raised block for a tent and an electrical plug point.


  • Strychnos Campsite:
  • At the camp-site there are six spacious and privatised sites each enclosed with a reeded fence and served by a centralised double ablution block on a raised wooden platform with washing facilities and a roofed area with electrical plug points and lighting. Each site has a built-up fireplace with wood, adjustable braai-grid, a water tap and also a raised platform for tents. Exclusive camping is available at either Ushivi or Combretum tents, (when unoccupied), which have outside ablution facilities. .


  • Activities:
  • Birding: Their location, being on a unique highpoint overlooking some extensive floodplains on the Okavango River system, affords some excellent birding opportunities. The current list being 412 species, of which 21 are endemic/near-endemic, with 85 'Hotties' or sought-after species.
  • Bird-ringing: They are a recognised ringing station with qualified and registered ringers, and permanently placed mist-nets in strategic places on the property.
  • 'Wato' (Makoro) trips: Shamvura Camp also offers guests the peaceful option of being 'poled' through the floodplains on a traditional 'wato'/'makoro'
  • Fishing: This stretch of the Okavango River still offers some excellent opportunities for big Tiger fish, Barbel (Catfish) and the predatory Bream species like Nembwe, Thin-face and Hump-back Largemouth and ‘Three-spot’ which can be caught using light spinning rods and a variety of lures, spinners, live-bait or drift-bait.
  • Boat trips: Boat trips on the river reveal the extensive floodplains, which before and during the rainy season, offer excellent breeding and feeding opportunities for wetland bird species and the many sandbank islands for African Skimmer, Water Thick-knee and Wattled Plover, among others
  • Other activities: Guided visits to the distinctly different Game Parks that are within easy reach from the camps location, Mahango Game Park Kaudom Game Reserve.
  • Kanabo Stays says: The owners of this establishment has set a benchmark in the tourism industry in Namibia. Excellent service levels combined with a love for the region, nature and Namibia makes this a unforgettable experience. Whether en route to or from Botswana afford yourselves the pleasure of a few days stay at Shamvura. You will leaves as friends and will return...
  • Kanabo Stays rating: KS2 - click link to see KS Ratings
  • Kanabo Green rating: KSG1 - click link to see KS Green ratings
  • GPS Co-ordinates: 18.0341° S, 20.8607° E
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