The Motoroamers January 2017 newsletter

So here we are at the end of January already! Not sure quite how that happened. Still, let us start by wishing you the best 2017 ever and a year filled with travel, adventure and more importantly love and health.

2016 was an odd year, globally and yet one of the best for us, as we committed to a life-changing decision to travel Europe for a year! Really it was only going to be a year and yet within a month we had decided that it was going to be full-time, for however long forever is. What is 2017 going to bring? Well we don't have a crystal ball, although we do know that it brings the hope of more exploration, more adventure and the continuing fulfilment of our dream, together.

The other thing that we have worked out is who and what The Motoroamers are trying to be. Last year we roamed around Europe doing blogs and videos, hoping that they were giving something of value, although not really being able to articulate what that looked like. We created a website, which we thought hit the mark, although there are so many others doing the same thing that it felt hard to find our own personal groove, which fitted in with our personalities and talents. And then boom! A post from one of our followers - Charlie, thank you - nailed it in a flash!

Entertainment and information linked. Four simple words and suddenly our search was over. We instantly knew that this embodies who The Motoroamers are trying to be. And so we are dashing headlong into 2017 and this newsletter with the exciting unveiling of our new message - Seriously Entertaining Travel.

Combining the best of Myles, with his wit and video skills and Karen, with her creative photography and writing, The Motoroamers have found their groove and their place in this hugely expanding Motorhome world. And it feels good. In truth, nothing much will change in terms of what you see, although it will feel different because we now understand what we're bringing to the world and who we are. So we will be blending our love of travel and exploration with our two different takes on our experiences - one funny and quirky, one poetic and fluffy. Entertainment and information linked with humour and creativity. We hope you love it as much as we do. So let's get on with it for this month - and even in just four short weeks, there seems to be plenty on offer!

Our collection of lovelies from our UK Pitstop

As you know, December was a voyage to the homeland - a pit-stop to UK to get Scoobie's Service done, Habitation sorted, the buying of new bikes (because some buggars nicked the last two we had in Lucca, Italy) and of course spending precious time reconnecting with family and friends over Christmas.

Although, we did manage to fit in a fabulous weekend in Eindhoven with friends we met whilst in New Zealand, two years ago. And what a weekend they treated us to - such fabulous hosts. We went cheese making on a raw milk farm (right up my street), visited the city, which was gorgeous, reintroduced ourselves to iceskating and had the afternoon in a Dutch town celebrating Dickens! What a great way to experience Netherland's culture.

Our weekend of Dutch culture - Goegedag!

And then the time came! The crossing back, courtesy of our Avios points through our Tesco's Clubcard! In fact it was the Chunnel, which was a great experience from beginning to end and only a 35 minute journey, £20.00 more expensive than the ferry and being dropped at Folkestone, it was a 'no brainer'. Within six hours we were across La Manche, flirting with the outskirts of London, whizzing down the M3 and safely back in Somerset. Three weeks in the UK and it was so lovely to see so many of our friends and family, and the baths were great! We did everything and more that we hoped during our trip; Habitation passed, fixes dealt with, electric bikes purchased (boo from Karen, who is a serious cyclist ha, ha) and lots of purchases for Scoobie. Not to mention a fabulous Christmas of merriment with Karen's mum. Although we have to be honest our wanderlust got the better of us and, come 3 January we were so ready to get back on that ferry to European shores. Winter sun in Spain - bring it on! Or so we thought!

We in arrived in Bilbao to 16 degrees - oh happy days and within two days we reached our destination in Dénia, south-east Spain. Pitched up, glass in hand and ready to celebrate Myles' big 50! The sun stayed out and it gave Myles the confidence to, once and for all, throw off his reputation as Mr Rainman and regenerate, like Dr Who, into Mr Sunshine.

And then this happened!

Snow grips S.E Spain for the 1st time in 35 years!

And that's not all! For 7 days we experienced yet more Biblical weather. What is it about us, we just seem to attract extreme weather? Torrential rain, so much that we couldn't hear ourselves think, gale-force winds, thunderstorms and 5 metre waves that broke the sea defences. It did make for some stunning pictures though.

And thanks to the weather, we went viral - no not with ill-health - one of our videos went viral - well certainly in our terms! 86K views of this very simple video - yes we know! We don't get it either, although there we have it! And to top it all, we exceeded 1K Facebook Followers. We're just blown away by everyone's support. Thank you.

Storms batter the Valencian coastline for seven days!

Five metre waves breech sea walls.

Startling snowfall creates chaos with cactus plants!

This extreme weather makes great art though!

So we're at the end of January and we've already had a right old bag of experiences. And that's without the excitement of trying out our new electric bikes up Montgó mountain. More on that next month. In the meantime we leave you, up to date on our adventures from Eindhoven to Spain via UK and, as Buzz Lightyear said, "To infinity and beyond!"

We hope you stick around and enjoy our Seriously Entertaining Travel adventures, which will be full of information, humour and inspirations - everything to tickle your taste buds. So for now, with love, The Motoroamers and Scoobie.

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