Dr. Cordie Willams CA US Senate candidate - Political Commentator - VETERAN - Doctor

Dr. Cordie Williams is a US Marine, Chiropractor, political commentator, featured speaker for Clay Clark's ReAwaken America US Tour and 2022 California US Senate candidate.

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic in 2020, Dr. Cordie felt the state of California was violating his right and the rights of other Americans. As a father, veteran, and business owner, he knew he had to be the man to stand up. Dr. Cordie picked up a megaphone and began speaking up at protests all across California, gaining him the name #megaphonemarine.

His message was loud and clear and caught the attention of millions. His speech from May 1, 2020, at the state capitol in Sacramento, CA, has received more than 8 million hits on Facebook and has generated over 15 million views across all platforms. “In the face of tyranny, in the face of freedom, are you going to sit there in your riot gear against peaceful protesters?” asked Williams. “Or are you going to say, ‘you know what, it’s time to stand up for my country? Because I took an oath of office and it said, ‘I will defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Emboldened by government overreach plaguing America, Dr. Cordie was inspired to found 1776 Forever Free to help protect all Americans’ freedom. Just like he raised his voice for the people, the movement has increased the volume on the importance of Constitutional Rights to all Americans, regardless of race, religion, creed, or color. In September 2020, 1776 Forever Free began a journey, The Freedom Tour, which crisscrossed the country from California, across the heartland, to the south and landing in D.C. right before the Presidential election. The strength of the movement that Dr. Cordie founded is evident in the involvement of its supporters.

Featured Speaker - ReAwaken America US Tour

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