Miami Dolphins will win a playoff game by MArc Philippe

“He’s exactly what you hope guys will try to become at all positions, of just that professionalism, always being ready to go. You go 4 1/2, five years without playing, then jump in a game and then go win it, and start two other games on the road in-division, it’s been impressive.” - Adam Gase on Matt Moore

Win Another, Why Not?

Yeah, why not? Everyone is counting the Dolphins out anyways. No one is giving them a chance in hell to make it out of the first round. From the Jim Rome radio show to the local TSN 1200 talk radio here in Ottawa Canada the dolphins are a joke, a farce. Sometimes it's as thought the Dolphins don't even exist. How many times have I heard this week that Steelers (a team we feel good about beating) or Chiefs (definitely a problem) could be the two teams that the perennial power houses New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys have trouble with. I say Watch for the Underdog.

The Last Six Meetings

  • Before the playoffs start we have one last fight to fight. The New England Patriots. This game means a lot to the Fins. It's the difference between who they play in the Wildcard Game vs the Houston Texans and or the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • It is Brady and Belichick. They're scared. No other team in the NFL has their number like the Dolphins do. The last six meetings they're 3-3. That's impressive.
  • Jay Ajayi needs to run and not stop running. We need to keep Brady off the field for as long as possible. No three's and out's. Urbik should be commended for stepping in after Anthony Steen couldn't cut it anymore. We barely see sacks anymore which is amazing. The whole offensive line has been night and say compared to the last three or four years.
  • Matt Moore has to be a game manager. That's all he's expected to do. Make the right read and not to throw it into coverage like last week. He will have learned from that for sure.
  • Gray needs to be more involved. He is showing great strides and good hands.
  • Damian Williams, one of my favorites will be influential in this game. You watch.
  • Parker, Stills and Landry need to be at their peak vs this team. They are very good defensively so we need them running good routes.
  • I don't know what to think about the Dolphins D. How we're in this position is beyond me.


Let the playoffs begin
“For me, it’s about our players, the fight that they’ve shown. A lot of people doubted those guys when we were 1-4. They did a great job of ignoring the noise, found a way to improve each week. I know it’s basic and simple but not always easy to do. Our guys did a great job of taking care of business and handling it one game at a time.” -Adam Gase on Dolphins Making Playoffs.
Pre-game vs Jets

No matter who the Dolphins play it will be difficult. Pittsburgh or Houston though I believe they, the team, would prefer the Texans because of their Quarterback situation going on there in Texas but I would much rather go after Pittsburgh. We beat them good, we hurt they're QB and ran it down their throat all day long. We will be the underdog no matter where we go so let's go beat one the best right away. Miami has the mental edge I believe for them to win this game. Houston for some strange reason scares me more. The unknown Quarterback factor always scares me and Lamar Miller coming back to haunt his old team is always a fear of so many sports fan out there. Let's play the Steelers, run it threw their STEEL CURTAIN, put Big Ben down on his ass again and send them home for the winter.

Halftime at Jets game


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