History Shivani Bathija

Essential Question

What distinguishes a better historical account from a worse one?


Journal #1

Shivani Bathija

Kait, Reshmi

Badge Leader: Kait

March 30th, 2017

AOK Badge: History

What is the main point you want to make in your presentation?

I would like to make it come across that some historical accounts seem worse than others because of context of the time. If we compare something like the Nazi manifesto and look at the twenty five points, we'll see that an older source from the time of the event would see the twenty five points as a good thing. However, a historian now would analyze this information with the context and information that has developed from that time.

-What are your personal goals for this presentation?

My personal goal is to communicate as a team to send our main point across and give insight of our ideas. I think that the activity we have come up with will really help in that aspect.

Journal #2

Shivani Bathija

Kait, Reshmi, Melisa

Badge Leader: Kait

April 1st, 2017

AOK Badge: History

The presentation that we plan to do consists of a source found in our history class from earlier in the year, and manipulating that source in three different ways. We will hand out those three manipulations and the original source to the class, and each manipulation has a purpose. There are four things that highlight the better characteristics of a source:

  1. Evidence
  2. Significance
  3. Analysis
  4. Hindsight

There was no way to really take hindsight away from the source, so what we did is in each manipulation we got rid of one of the qualities to highlight how significant each one is. I think this presentation will go well, and I'm excited to present my part about hindsight bias.

Journal #3

Shivani Bathija

Kait, Reshmi, Melisa

Badge Leader: Kait

April 11th, 2017

AOK Badge: History

After being told we put too much of an effort into our presentation and our connection to the question wasn't clear, we redid our presentation today. Instead of the four qualities we originally talked about, we simply discussed the significance of the values and limitations of a source. It went well and came across better than our other presentation.

Elective Reading

For my elective reading, I decided to read the article titled "Texas Matters: The Slocum Massacre" by David Martin Davies. It explained the erasure of the massacre, which was essentially a violent attack from white people on black people. Not much is recorded about this massacre as it would ruin the perception of white people and their lack of wanting black people to be victimized instead of antagonized. I thought that this elective reading was very much relevant to what we're learning in this area of knowledge, as it gives us a good perspective of what we know and how we know it. There could be huge, major events in history we are unaware of because a group did their best to keep it hidden. I find it very interesting how just a couple of people's guilt could censor people from the truths of the world for centuries and centuries.

Extension Proposal

I think an interesting and unique extension proposal would be adding a couple of song numbers from "Hamilton: An American Musical". It's a musical that tells the story of the rise and fall of Alexander Hamilton through hip hop. I think it would be an interesting choice, but fitting, for the elective reading list as the viewer can see how much accurate information they can understand from watching the musical, rather than learning it in a classroom. It's also interesting how the knowledge we have on history of one person can be summed up in a two hour musical, and how the knowledge from the guy who created the show (Lin-Manuel Miranda) influenced many people to learn about the history of Hamilton.


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