Search Engines bY: David Falcon

Search Engines have been around for a while now and it is pretty easy to say that we rely on them. Before all of the many search engines available, the internet was a big and vast, uncatalogued, mess of URLs. Allow me to give you a brief history of search engines and their impact on the World Wide Web.

Archie was the first true search engine. Created in 1987 by students at McGill University School of Computer Science, Archie was the first of its kind. It did not originally come with the ability to search the world wide web. It was originally just a collection of databases you could search from. It is still active today, although it isn't very user friendly.

April 1994, Yahoo! Search was released. Created by David Filo and Jerry Yang, originally it was just made to be a collection of popular web pages but when they started to get a lot more traffic and their popularity rose, it was transformed in to a searchable directory that web pages could add to for a price (unless it was informational). Each URL was man made and custom to the web page. Yahoo! didn't have a true search engine until 2002 when they had a large collection of data bases but by then their information was outdated. Today Yahoo! is dying and no comeback is prevalent.

Internet Search Bars have came a long way from browsing small local databases, to browsing the world wide web. They keep us connected with the world and all that happens in it. Google is now the world's number one used search browser and it seems that it will stay there for awhile.


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