Q2 Novel Project By Killian Tope

My Q2 novel project is about The Power of One. I am comparing it to the Harry Potter series. They are both similar because they are both about a boy who doesn't live with his parents. In The Power of One, the boy is one of the only white kids. He also has a problem with wetting the bed. In Harry Potter, Harry is the only wizard in his family, and frequently gets in trouble at school. The things that set them apart are that The Power of One takes place during Hitler's rise to power, whereas the Harry Potter series takes place during the 1990's. They also are different because of where they are located in the world. The Power of One takes place in South Africa whereas Harry Potter takes place in the UK.

If you have read the Harry Potter series, then I recommend this book to you, but if you haven't, then read Harry Potter first, then read The Power of One.

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