Giant Pandas: endangered species Isabella osborne

Giant pandas are an endangered species native to southwest China. They are mostly identified for their black and white coloring. Females weigh between 150-220 lbs and are about 2-3 feet tall, or adult mid torso height. They are very adorable, but also decreasing in population and need protection!

The Giant pandas live in the mountain forests of southwest China, They eat and circle their lives around bamboo trees. They live in these trees and also eat the shoots. the pandas eat other things when bamboo shoots aren't primarily available, such as small rodents, eggs, and fish, but they prefer the shoots. Since the bamboo is very low in nutritional value, they consume about 20-40 lbs every day to satisfy their cute little tummies.

However, humans and deforestation are impacting the pandas and their trees. Greatly. The population of China increases so frequently, that construction and development of china relies on cutting down trees in order to expand.

Since deforestation of the pandas' habitat is occurring, they are forced in to smaller, more concentrated areas. Along with this, they are depending on a very small supply of bamboo for survival. Pandas reproduce very infrequently, meaning that the rate that more babies are born cannot catch up with how many we are losing due to deforestation and lack of proper nutrition.

To address whats happening to this beloved animal, the Chinese government is in the process of restoring and replanting bamboo trees. They are also creating "protected areas" in order to reduce the rate that trees are being removed.

In conclusion, pandas need to be protected, and if we continue to cut down their primary resource for survival, then we aren't doing a very good job of aiding endangered species.


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