Virtual Regional Student Exhibition featuring the artwork of five students from four different school districts!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students missed out on end of school year traditions: prom, sports seasons, graduation, portfolio showcases and end of year art shows! To provide a platform for art students to share their work, The Westmoreland put out a call for students to submit artwork to be featured in a virtual exhibition. This new Virtual Regional Student Exhibition showcases the amazing talents of five art students, ranging in age, from four different school districts!

Top Left: Artist Darby Haynes Top Right: Kiss Middle Left: Lycanthropy Middle Right: Orange Juice Bottom Left: Paradise Bottom Right: Trapped Artist Statement: "I enjoy drawing and painting people and studying the unique features of individuals, thus my art often revolves around portraits or highlighted facial features which I portray through a variety of mediums. I like exploring various mediums, but with all the mediums I work with, I enjoy expressing my ideas through contrast and emphasis highlighted by color and value. My 2019-2020 AP Studio Art concentration explored the subject of mental illnesses, and their natural presence in people’s lives. This idea is exhibited through the juxtaposition of humans with the literal aspect of nature; I believe mental illnesses can often be a difficult topic of discussion, so I found that expressing mental illnesses and their effects on humans through art to be significant in visual understanding and relatability. I wanted to make these pieces to communicate my own personal struggles, and I want my art to be able to speak to those who are also undergoing their own difficulties in life." - Darby Haynes, 12th Grade, Norwin School District, Teacher: Christine Satterfield
Top Left: Artist Ava Zalewski Top Right: Reflecting in the Mountains Bottom Left: Brain Waves Bottom Right: Peace and Pride Artist Statement: "I make art for friends, family, strangers, teachers, but most importantly myself. Art is a way to express myself, explore, create ideas, and relax for me. Sometimes I’ll paint, sometimes I’ll draw, it just depends on my mood. My favorite class has always been my favorite class because I love to make art and I’m good at it. Friends have asked me to help them in class with pictures and illustrations and it makes me happy to know that my talents can help others, as well as myself. Art is very dear to me and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I just created a mountain range painting for my one friend for her birthday and she loved it, the joy on her face brought a smile to mine, and I hope that happens all the time when she looks at it. I may not be a professional, but my art teacher seems to think I could make a career out of it." - Ava Zalewski, 7th Grade, Greater Latrobe School District, Teacher: Erica Jordan
Top Left: Artist Madison Resnick Left Middle: Beach Days Light Switch Right Middle: Blue Times Outlet Top Right: Amazing Cow Switch Bottom Left: Donut Outlet Bottom Right: Sunset Leopard Outlet Artist Statement: I like to paint found objects around home to give them more color and personality. I noticed our light switches and outlets during quarantine and asked my mom if I could paint them. These are the results." - Madison Resnick, 6th Grade, Greensburg Salem School District, Teacher: Mrs. Tarris.
Top Left: Artist Frank Orzehowski Top Middle: Bull Camp Top Right: Country Cruising Middle Left: Gone Fishin' Bottom Left: Lavendar Woods Bottom Right: Let Your Dreams Fly Artist Statement: “The artwork I create is mostly detailed scenes that are secluded in the wilderness. I like the peaceful atmosphere of nature. I enjoy drawing realistic landscapes that include the animals in their natural habitat. I am inspired by that because I like to hunt and fish with my family. First, I sketch my idea in pencil starting out light then adding darker shading. I like to focus on the highlights and shadows of the trees and other natural objects. I outline the objects in marker then fill them in with crayons. Blending colors and creating values adds depth to my artwork.” -Frank Orzehowski, 11 years old, 5th Grade, Derry Area School District, Teacher: Mrs. Kristen Anderson
Top Left: Artist Penny Mathias Top Middle: Killua Portrait Real Life, Pencil on Paper. "I tried to take one of my favorite anime characters and draw him as a real person." Bottom Left: MRS T, Acrylic on canvas painting. "I was inspired by my teacher and made a painting of her hiking to the top of a mountain." Right: Self Portrait Anime Character, Pen and Marker on Paper. "I wanted to make an anime character that reminded me of myself."- Penny Mathias, Grade 4, Norwin School District, Teacher: Mrs. Talamo