Revolution in technology By Taylor Batts

Past: Industrial Revolution


A revolution in farming methods led to a sharp increase in population, and many people moving from the country to the city looking for work.

Meanwhile, we were just beginning to discover the secrets of coal power and iron production.

And Britain had plenty of money to invest in new businesses and technology

As population continued to increase, demand for goods grew and supplies needed to find ways to produce more and more

Digital revolution

Anyone that lives on this earth knows what cell phone is, Internet, basically a third world that has made a lot of activitys and social work easier of us.


20th-century will always be remembered as the "technology revolution "; the star was 1775 dream watts steam engine lit up by making new mechanism for powering up locomotive and machinery. 

Eventually lead to trains steamboat electric motors all the way to a 4.8 million Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. One of the most expensive and high-tech cars. Along with basic transportation ( powered bikes, motor cycles etc.)

"Three key objectives were to make high-tech society relatable comprehensive and balance in its approach." -Tom Forester

Future: Technological developments

The future medical field will be booming in 2040. By that time we will have stay at home robot nurses, x-ray transformation diagnosis and just maybe a cure for cancer.


For future medical transplants to help with someone's headaches or can give their prescription through a transplant they have built into their body. About the size of a dime

Somethings that may have caused higher tech medical care was because most people that want to get a liver transplant or either at the bottom of the list or still going to wait 10 years. But within that time we could make a liver cleaner. All natural and non technical.

Fiber myalgia for an example. Fibromyalgia is a common chronic disorder that causes severe pain and diffuse tenderness in a number of other symptoms. Most people that do you have fibromyalgia do you find ways and natural cures to help them ease the pain. With technology and natural cures we could start now and help by implanting a device in each tender or aching pain. 

With the help of some natural herbs and diet we could stop people from having so much pain and take it down a notch. With marijuana we could grow and save out environment instead of giving people man made medication. With the CBD (chemical in the marijuana to help pain). With that being said for the future we could make our environment better and global warming equal.

In the medical future field it will be environmental friendly and not have to create man-made medication or devices to be implanted in you to connect with your nervous system. As a whole of society we could grow more and cure even more.

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