Clouds By: James Lee

Stratus appear to be low level clouds and horizontal layers. These clouds indicate drizzle, light rain, and snow grains. The maximum altitude 6,000 feet.

Nimbostratus clouds appear Dark, widespread, and formless layer. The altitude is 10,000.

This is a cumulus cloud. These clouds are puffy and flat on the bottom. These clouds have little or no precipitation. There maximum altitude is 3,000 feet.

This is an altostratus cloud. These clouds appear t be a sheet or layer you B can usually see the sun through it. Rain is possible with it. There minimum altitude is 6,000 feet. There maximum is 20,000.

This is a altocumulus cloud. Similar to cirrocumulus, but individual segments are larger and darker. This doesn't indicate precipitation. Minimum altitude is 6,500 feet and the maximum is 20,000 feet.

This is a cirrocumulus cloud. These clouds are small, high, patched clouds, in rows. There minimum height is 20,000 feet.

This cloud is a cirrus cloud. These clouds are thin whiskey strands and the minimum height is 16,000 feet.

This is a Cumulonimbus cloud. These don't show signs of precipitation and their long, very tall, and large clouds.


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