Active citizenship versus Negative externalities

There are some problems in our city today. Newspaper are reporting an increasing level of air pollution and particulate matters.

People start campaigning against local government to obtain a healthier lifestyle. Some residents show how much harmful some ordinary activities can be to the environment. They hand out some leaflets.

They became a large group of residents and they draw attention to environmental problems and to put pressure on politicians to act before it is too late

Citizens have got an idea: they make a survey to ask people their opinions on their habits. They use technology to promote active citizenship.

The town council listens to the opinions of a team of economists. The experts talk about positive and negative externalities and provide valuable instruments to deal with environmental issues.

The Council discusses in group and takes a decision.

The town mayor has a press conference to explain the measures adopted and to answer the questions made by journalists

The citizens can express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the measures implemented.

Created By
Diego Tomasini


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