Undercover in Berlin always on a mission

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”.

Probably everyone has already heard this proverb, yet, do we act accordingly?

Our planet and its creatures are facing issues and challenges in lots of different areas that are far from being solved. Whether it is the destruction of the environment, the imminent extinction of species or political instability, poverty, conflicts, war. With joint forces we should all be working on making living worthwhile for all inhabitants of the earth, yet, we constantly make the same mistake: We oversee one of the most creative, most enthusiastic and most inspirable group of people: Children. The group of people we borrowed our earth from, the group of people to we pass on the chaos we created.

Our new mission therefore focusses on the little ones, the next generation.

We are glad to present you the charities we are raising money for:

“Think Global” is an organization that is being supported by Michael Malarkey. It stands for a “more just and sustainable world” and supports various learning projects and programmes that focus on “global learning”. Their vision is to equip people with the knowledge and the skills they need to take action on the issues our globalized world created.

According to Think Global there are three main “global capabilities” which are: Global understanding, Global open-mindedness and Global resourcefulness. According to their homepage:

“Learning about global issues leads to more tolerance and understanding. This in turn can lead to actions for a better world – which in turn we can reflect on and learn from.”

The German equivalent is the “Kreuzberger Kinderstifung”. Located in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the foundation stands up for educational justice and encourages youth to participate in society. It supports external projects, awards scholarships and realizes its own projects, in Berlin, Germany and abroad.

One key component of the foundation’s work is the belief in the abilities of young people. By educating and enabling children and young adults they encourage them to actively create their social environment as well as the society in a responsible-minded and democratic way.

Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung creates opportunities and spaces for young people to grow personally. Kids and adolescents participate in political processes, discover their potential, learn to appreciate diversity, overcome challenges and, as a consequence, become confident and more responsible-minded in the decisions they make.

By ordering our merchandise, you support the invaluable work of two great charities that help to create a qualified and competent next generation which is able to deal with the many challenges our world is facing.

In Summer 2016 our mission was a top secret one: We infiltrated Michael Malarkeys concert in Berlin's 'Privatclub' to hand out a very unique shirt to him. On it a new Design. The new one for this new mission.

He loved it!

What about you?

"It's up to us, to keep it alive!"

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Mary Cronos

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