Canbury School Newsletter 19th November 2021. ISSUE 250

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

As the evenings draw in and the mornings seem darker, it's easy to feel the urge to hunker down and bury ourselves away. Which is why I am so impressed at the steady work ethic continually being demonstrated by our industrious students.

It's been another busy week here. The flu vaccination students queued beautifully and behaved impeccably, Year 8 Parents' Evening passed smoothly and we rounded off today with a very well organised Children in Need fundraising day. Regardless of the fact many students - and some staff - were brave enough to come into school in their sleepware, we nonetheless still got on with our work, whilst raising funds for a wonderful cause. Next week we will be able to reveal the amount raised. See further below for some photographs of the day's events. Thank you to our Charity Prefect, Hannah, for another marvellous event.

I am also astonished at the passage of time. Here we are with a mere three issues of the Newsletter to go before we break for Christmas. Yet there is still so much to in store for us to do and enjoy before then. Festooning the decks with yuletide decorations, ice-skating, festive workshops, buying and decorating of the Christmas tree, and also the prospect of a yule-tide lunch to be enjoyed 'in house' this year.

The very next thing on our agenda is the MAD Winter Festival which takes place next Thursday, 25th November, from 6.30pm. Do please ensure you have completed and returned the google form sent to you this week. If you have not seen it, please check your in-box or contact reception who will be glad to forward you another copy. This evening of music, art and drama promises to delight the soul and tickle the senses. We will also be raising funds for some new school football team tops. So please do bring along a few coffers if you have any going spare. We will have donation boxes scattered about. Many thanks.

Have a very good weekend.

Carolyn Yates


Students of the week

Year 7

Lloyd for winning the SSSSA cross country competition this week.

Rory, Evan and Lloyd for their patience and hard work this week in ICT.

Year 8

For fantastic engagement and contributions to form time discussions and activities linked to Anti Bullying week. Special mention to Alex who came up with a fantastic definition of bullying.

Reenie for overcoming her nerves and doing amazingly well in the SSSSA cross country competition.

Matthew, William, Morgan and Ethan for their efforts in the SSSSA cross country competition.

William for his excellent London Zoo work in ICT.

Year 9

Mrs Smith says well done to the Year 9 art students who are really enjoying their printmaking lessons - look out for their work on display at the upcoming MAD festival - and see below work in progress.

Thomas for an excellent showing in the SSSSA cross country competition.

Angus for his ‘input & output’ work in ICT.

Year 10

Well done Orlanda for achieving a grade 8 in the history test on the failure of the League of Nations.

Year 12

Armani, Rhian and Victor.

BTEC Art students Rhian, Armani and Victor, pictured here looking very pleased with themselves. Mrs Smith says they have got off to a cracking start on their artist investigations.

Art, art and more art!

What a creative bunch we are here at Canbury! Here are the Year 9 print makers hard at work. See the finished products at the MAD festival.

Proper competition returns - and Lloyd and Reenie win on different levels!

For the first time in 20 months we were able to attend an inter school sports fixture! On Wednesday morning we took a Key Stage 3 cross country team to the Royal Alexandra and Albert School in Reigate for the SSSSA winter cross country competition. We had a strong team across all year groups in Key Stage 3 for the mile long course across the school’s plentiful grounds.

The first race of the day was the junior girl’s race where Reenie did fantastically well coming 4th overall in a strong field. Reenie technically came third, however in a great show of sportsmanship she gave her place to the girl who finished behind, who had got confused with where the finish line was!

Sporting prowess from the Canbury Cross Country team. We are so proud of each and every one of you. How exhilarating to be back out and representing your School. Look at Lloyd digging deep!

However the most dramatic moment of the day happened in the junior boy’s race, which was won by Lloyd in Year 7! With 50 metres to go, Lloyd was in second place trailing the leader by around 10 metres. However with a superb sprint finish, Lloyd dug deep, managing to win the race and take the gold medal by one second. Matthew and William also ran an excellent race, coming in 7th and 8th respectively. Morgan finished in the top 20, and Thomas and Ethan showed great resilience in completing the hilly course. Due to their great showing, our top four finishers in the boy’s race also ended up winning the team event!

It was a great morning all round, where the students did themselves, and the school proud.

Cross country team: Lloyd, Reenie, Matthew T, Morgan, William, Ethan & Thomas.

Pudsey and Canbury students get to fundraising work.

Children in Need - Canbury came up to the challenge indeed!

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House awards and News

Francesca Silver Star - 75HP

Evan Bronze Star - 60Hps

You can make your donations here.

And finally....

  • We have an abundance of second-hand uniform here on site if anyone needs anything. If you need any items please get in touch with reception before the Christmas holidays. They will be glad to help.
  • A reminder from Mrs Branney that Merton Council has started a consultation on possible changes to its home to school/college travel assistance policy, which is primarily for children with SEND. Merton parents were sent a letter about this consultation this week. Please do take time to complete it. Many thanks.
Alannah and Ain spent some time hanging out with Ned yesterday. We think Alannah may have a future career as a photographer - she does take some REALLY good shots! And if lying on the carpet doesn't help you get off to sleep, then read on below.
The national sleep line is here to help. You can get in touch with them if:
  1. You are worried about life/school and it’s impacting on your sleep.
  2. You can’t switch off when it comes to bedtime.
  3. You struggle to turn off your mobile phone and find yourself still on social media or YouTube in the early hours of the morning.
  4. You find it really hard to get out of bed in a morning.
  5. You just can’t sleep, for whatever reason.