Eternity a mystery?

Is there a Heaven? Is there a Hell? What comes after death? Why can't I control time? The questions that haunt us eternally.

Higher than the clouds above, lies a place as white as a peaceful dove. The angels reside and sing with glee. For their joy is expressed eternally. The streets are paved with silver and gold. The spirits that dance about proclaim what we've all been told. "Heaven is REAL!" The shouts like a chorus, the ease of the youth and the old.

Hell. The expanse of flames and despair. The land that's beyond compare or repair. Hell. The screams of the guilty within, confessing in agony all of their sins. Hell. Uncomforting warmth in the room. The embers in here seal your doom. Punishment is not debated. Eternity is sometimes ill-fated. Hell.

Why does Death come for us? It steals our souls away. Why does Death come for us? Time gave us away. What comes next? A common phrase, a plea to defend our numbered days. No one alive truly knows. So stop asking. Wait.

Constantly running, falling, and fleeting. Always in pursuit, yet still retreating. Time flies. Time runs out. It's quite the athlete. Time only stops at the command of eternity. We can't control time because we are bound to it. When the sands do we.

Created By
Lorenzo Rowan


Created with images by skeeze - "spiral planetary nebula nebula universe" • DavidSpinks - "Above the clouds" • LoggaWiggler - "fire burn hell" • Martin Hesketh - "Death" • nile - "hourglass time hours"

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