Young Artists An Online Exhibition and Celebration at South Shore Art Center (2021)

Image above: Morgan Angle, "Her Mind of Flowers," (Grade 6, 2021). Acrylic Paint. Winner of the Youth Student Committee Honor.

South Shore Art Center shares this online gallery in celebration of emerging young artists from local elementary, middle schools, and high schools. With the gift of youth and fresh perspectives, these young artists examine the world around them.

Honors and Awards

Ilaria Hu (Grade 3, 2021). "Colored Bubbles" Marker on Paper. Winner of the Marcia Ballou Honor AND the Karen Cass Award.

"This piece of art is intriguing. Is it a detail of a butterfly wing, maybe a favorite image from a kaleidoscope? I enjoyed looking at it. The colors are fresh and lively. The shapes are varied and placed in a composition that looks spontaneous yet brilliantly arranged. I particularly like the orange stripe. The black circles with the little purple swish are very clever. Bravo!" Marcia Ballou, Artist in Residence 2018 – 2019 at SSAC

"I love this piece because it makes me smile! I was drawn to it right away for its bright, colorful, slightly asymmetrical composition and playful balance of solid color and varied linear elements. This young artist used mark-making and directional lines to move the viewer's eye intuitively around the entire pictorial space. It's effervescent, joyful feeling reminds me of blowing bubbles with my kids on a warm summer day!" Karen Cass, Artist in Residence 2015 – 2016 at SSAC

Nora Jenkins, (Grade 11, 2021). "Bones," Mixed Media: Clay, Fishing Wire, Wood, and Paint. Winner of the Jess Hurley Scott Award.

"I am drawn to so much in this piece. The open frame box holding or framing what appears to be a suspended-exploded rib cage. There is a wonderful handling of each 'rib' shape. Meanwhile the artist has great use of negative space between each shape creating a dynamic composition. Are the wires doubling as marionette strings or more like taxidermy style suspension? The choices of tone and finish balance well to highlight the materials used. Congratulations to the artist for creating very intriguing and beautifully executed artwork." Jess Hurley Scott, Artist in Residence 2019 – 2022 at SSAC

Emilia Hense. (Grade 4, 2021). "Owl." Felt. Winner of the Lisa Goren Award.

"I’m so drawn to this small object sitting on a tree branch. In many ways it expresses some of the ways we experienced this past year. The object is both strong and imposing but also extremely fragile and, with such big eyes, seems inquisitive. And we all were a bit prickly at some points. Craft has just exploded recently as a much more “legitimate” art form (it always was, actually). Felting incorporates a fragile element (wool) and in binding the work, transforms it into strength and solidity. I love the way this animal holds our attention." Lisa Goren, Artist in Residence 2016 – 2018 at SSAC

Hannah Nicholls. (Grade 9, 2021). "Deep Sea Adventure." Acrylic. Winner of the Aerial Oceans Award

"I love the bright contrasting colors and movement in this piece, as well as the attention to detail. I can imagine it flying high in the sky in a sea of movement." Alicia Herman, Community Programs Coordinator and Coordinator of Art Speaks for Marine Science at SSAC

Kate Wesinger, (Grade 10, 2021). "Black Death." Graphite. Winner of the Youth Student Committee Award.

Enter the Galleries

See emotive studies of the figure and perspectives of an ever changing world, in Gallery 1. The natural world and light provides inspiration for artworks in Gallery Room 2. As a community who lives close to the coast, young people share their interest in marine life and life on the water, in Gallery 3.

Gallery Room 1

Portraits and Personalities

Click on images below to get a closer view.

1. Morgan Angle, "Her Mind of Flowers," Acrylic Paint. 2. Lillian Gerhart, "A F T E R H O U R S," Colored Pencil. 3. Cass Runkles, "Transgender," Acrylic. 4. Skykar Munzert, "Friends" Digital Artwork. 5. Anonymous, "Baseball." 6. Allison Drew, "The Portal I've Been Waiting For," Drawing with Colored Pencils & Sharpies. 7. Angelina Li, "Casual Walk in the City," Digital Art. 8. Phoebe Bunge, "Childhood, Interrupted - 2020," Pen/ Ink/ Pencil/ Crayons. 9. Elise Kleinbauer, "Let Me In", Oil on Canvas. 10. Kay Sanford, "Mey-Rin," Pencil. 11. Kate Wesinger, "Black Death," Graphite. 12. Mai Khoi Nguyen, "Beautiful In Your Own Way," Digital Art. 13. Anonymous. Mixed Media.

Gallery Room 2

Nature & Light

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1. Jamie Goodwin, "My Buddy during the Pandemic," Digital Art. 2. Elsa Fever, “Tilda the Squirrel,” Digital Art. 3. Gabriella Mohan, "Little Lady Bug" Collage. 4. Holly Beaudoin, "Outdoors," Digital. 5. Dylan Fife, "Untitled Tree" Marker. 6. Emilia Hense, "Owl," Felt. 7. Anonymous, "Marbles Together." 8. Milo Sheffield, No. X, Photography. 9. Sydney Flaherty, "Desert Habitat," Crayon. 10. Zoe Schulze, "Rainbow Rain," Colored Pencil. 11 Jackson Landy, "Fuel," Digital Photo. 12. Vivienne Hu "Tree of Life" Marker on Paper. 13. Owen McFarland, "Issac," Pen, Pencil, Colored Pencil, Marker. 14. Finley Sheffield, "Shortage," Graphite. 15. Roland Schulze, "Orange Fist," Mixed Drawing Media. 16. Meryck James, "Burning Gold," Metal Tooling, Chipboard and Gold Sharpie. 17. Nora Jenkins, "Bones," Mixed Media (clay, fishing wire, wood, paint). 18. Grace Higgins, ”The Furry Potato,” Pastel on Paper. 19. Louisa Vanderweil, "Horse and Shadow", Photograph. 19. Sara Cullinan, "Moon Clock" Mixed Media. 21. Milo Sheffield, "Back Stop." 22. Brianna Abend, "Gazing Oriole," Photography. 23. Madelyn Hooper, "Spiral Illusion," Sharpies and Colored Pencils. 24. Isabel Diaz, "Layover in Germany," Acrylic on Paper. 25. Evelyn Vanderweil, "Bubbles in the Wind," Pen and Marker.

Gallery Room 3

Life Aquatic

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1. Joely G, "City of Water," Acrylic Paint. 2. Anonymous, Mixed Meida. 3. Anonymous, Marine Clock. 4. Anonymous, Mixed Media. 5. Kiara Cerruti, "Path to Serenity," Photography. 6. Lucas Apablaza, "SeaHorse III," Colored Pencil on Black Paper. 7. Anonymous, "Lashes on Point." 8. Ilaria Hu "Colored Bubbles" Marker on Paper. 9. Anonymous, "Wave." 10. Lucas Apablaza, "SeaHorse II," Colored Pencils on Black Paper. 11. Anonymous, "Finn," Acrylics. 12. Shelby Grissom, "Koi Pond." 13. Anonymous, Digital Art. 14. Hannah Nicholls, "Deep Sea Adventure," Acrylic.

Artist Statements

Anonymous, Digital Art

"Drawing and making art helped me get through the Covid-19 quarantine in 2020." Phoebe Bunge (Grade 3).

"The pandemic has been hard and effected many people. That didn’t stop me :) I wanted to learn and try new things during the tough year and one thing I did was Art!" Jamie Goodwin (Grade 6).

"Art is for Everyone!" Skykar Munzert (Grade 6).

A Note on Awards

The Youth Student Committee award chosen by a small group of youth in middle school. Aerial Oceans award nominated by staffing at Art Speaks for Marine Science, an educational program in science, art, and advocacy at South Shore Art Center. Additional awards and honors chosen by our Artists in Residence AIR at South Shore Art Center.

Highlights from our Artists in Residence (AIR)

at South Shore Art Center

SSAC celebrates 18 years of the Artist in Residence (AIR) program for students from elementary schools in the South Shore. This innovative program has introduced thousands of students to enriching art experiences in a variety of mediums, subject matter, and learning themes.

1. Jess Hurley Scott “Crash.” Acrylic Paint on Multiple Acrylic Panels. Artist in Residence at SSAC 2019–2022. 2. Marcia Ballou. "Mr. Fox." Mixed Media. Artist in Residence at SSAC 2018–2019. 3. Lisa Goren. "Pack Ice IV." Watercolor on Paper. Artist in Residence, 2016–2018. 4. Karen Cass. "Purple Passage." Mixed Media. Artist in Residence 2015–2016.

Highlights from AIR

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