We would put this comic con over at the Sanger Walmart if we could because it has a massive amount of space to show each subject to its fullest.

Comic con is THE best nerd center ever!!!

This is relatable to art because one way of looking at it is the cosplay of the original art that has been molded by the original creator who has brought the characters to life who people can now enjoy in their lives.

Another way of looking at this is the time, artists put a lot of time into creating their art and this more so because it took a lot of time to create and and to this day still being edited and perfected by other artists with more creativity to put in this world and with this the money to put this idea into production.

It brings people's ideas and creations into the world trying to live the American dream.

This would be able to be part of the community the comic community that is is the way over to connect with hundreds of thousands of people and in just one place making Sanger a lot more well known.

Guessing this amount of stuff we thought, the price we have to round up to about $100,000 considering we have to fill the whole space up.


Created with images by Jupiter Firelyte - "Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2013" • Doug Kline - "San Diego Comic-Con 2011 - Comic-Con carpet logo"

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