War on the Congo By Tauvia Gillyard

Citizens Fleeing Their Homes To Escape The War.


The Democratic-Republic of the Congo is a place full of life. There are many exotic plants and animals that aren't found anywhere else. There are many vacation spots and plenty of landmarks to visit. However, like many countries, the Congo has its share of problems. In different parts of the Congo, the people are still feeling the effects of the 2nd Civil War. There are many people in poverty, war-torn territory, and ridden with disease. There's much to be done to fix all the wrong in such place.

the beautiful d.r.c.


The D.R. is plagued with problems such as warlords, guerrillas, poverty, disease, land raping, and war crimes. The militias, military, and and the rebels are constantly fighting, putting the people civilians in constant danger. The people under the control of the different territories are on the move constantly, forced to be nomadic to escape the perils of war.

Villagers migrating away from the war.

Soldiers preparing for war.

Rebels celebrating a battle won.

A small militia of villagers preparing to attack.

Grieving mothers weeping at village meeting over their lost loved ones.

Villagers living in rubble, hiding away from the war and destruction.

The faces of grief and sadness among the village women.

Wounded villager.

Rebels in their camouflage, posing for news article .

Child soldiers taught and ready to kill.

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