HOW TO HITCH-HIKE ON BOATS Worldwide. ------Boat Finder----- Crew Finder------app

Boat owners can do this just for the extra money. There are many other good reasons to rideshare your boat.

Just doing some cruising

It's a hard life but somebody.......

Crew meets boat and travels together!

Share and enjoy.
Busy on deck.

Crew girl

Happy happy.
Dinghy to the beach for a walk.
Feeling sorry for the cook

Opens the door to living!

Cruising Yachts sailing the world.

List your boat for free!

Upload a video. Link to your blog!

Find a boat and hitch-hike worldwide......really live your life to the fullest extent possible!

Sign on our free crew page today.

Udrive Boat sharing.

Use the boat and share the costs.

Find great boats in your area.

Help others and make money!

List your boat for free.

Crew Finder.

Find great crew.

List your boat for free with video and links.

Charter Boats available.

List your boat. Upload a video and link to your homepage.

Buy and sell boats.

List for free.

Enjoy a happier life.

Crew Finder


YOU BOATS.........Uboats app

the galley

Fish sandwich anybody?

The food is good.
Living on an angle.
Friends for life.
Endless summer
The fun never stops
Waiting for cocktail hour.
Onboard parties
Secluded waters.
Travelling not tourist.
Working deck.
Another tangle up.
Plenty of time to play.
Marine sanctuary.
Fellow travellers.
Getting airborne.
IOS app available NOW !!
Learn to LIVE......UBoats iOS & Android app.
Created By
Alan Phillips


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