Japan Tre'von Florence

POLITICS - JAPAN is a constitutional monarchy whereby the power of the emperor is very limited. As a ceremonial figurehead, he is defined by the constitution as ''the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people.'' Power is held chiefly by the prime minister and other elected members of the diet, while sovereignty is vested in the Japanese people.

Economics- Japan is the third largest economy in the world, after the united states and china, in terms of nominal GDP, and the fourth largest national economy in the world, after the united states, china and india, in terms of purchasing power parity. As of 2014, japans public debt was estimated at more than 200 percent of its annual gross domestic product, the largest of any nation in the world. Japan's exports amounted to US$4,210 per capita in 2005. As of 2012, Japan's main export markets were China (18.1 percent), the United States (17.8 percent), South Korea (7.7 percent), Thailand (5.5 percent) and Hong Kong (5.1 percent). Its main exports are transportation equipment, motor vehicles, iron and steel products, semiconductors and auto parts.

Religion- shinto and buddhism are the main religions in japan. Shinto the ethnic religion of the Japanese people and buddhism schools. According to surveys carried out in 2006 [1] and 2008, [2] less than 40% of the population of Japan identifies with an organized religion. Around 35% are Buddhists, 3% to 4% are members of Shinto sects and derived religions, and from fewer than 1% to 2.3% are Christians.

social structure- The gaps between rich and poor are not as glaring in Japan as they are in many countries, and about 90 percent or more of Japanese people consider themselves middle class. This contrasts with most of Japan's previous recorded history, when profound social and economic distinctions were maintained between Japan's aristocracy and its commoners. Two periods of social upheaval in the modern era did much to soften these class divisions. The first was the push for modernization under the Meiji government at the end of the 19th century; the second was the period of Allied occupation after World War II.

Industries- Japan dominated world shipbuilding in the late 1980s, filling more than half of all orders worldwide. Its closest competitors were South Korea and Spain, with 9 percent and 5.2 percent of the market, respectively. The Japanese shipbuilding industry was hit by a lengthy recession from the late 1970s through most of the 1980s, which resulted in a drastic cutback in the use of facilities and in the work force, but there was a sharp revival in 1989. The industry was helped by a sudden rise in demand from other countries that needed to replace their aging fleets and from a sudden decline in the South Korean shipping industry. In 1988, Japanese shipbuilding firms received orders for 4.8 million gross tons of ships, but this figure grew to 7.1 million gross tons in 1989.

Arts/Entertainment -Japan is known for its flashing neon lights, huge crowds and tall buildings. However, the country is also deeply steeped in history, culture and artistic achievement. Museums featuring age-old artifacts and visual art and historical attractions are a vital part of the cultural entertainment industry in Japan. However, the modern country is also home to up-to-date, contemporary attractions to amuse and delight both tourists and natives.


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